My Crossfit Gym Bag Essentials


Anyone who does Crossfit knows that a Crossfitters gym bag is generally 10x heavier than a regular gym goers. With what seems like a different pair of shoes to go with each exercise and a piece of protective clothing to cover almost every inch of the body, carrying your gym bag around on a daily basis can feel like a workout in itself.

I personally try to streamline my gym bag where possible but when double unders or squats can be sprung on you at a moments notice its essential to be prepared (anyone who knows me, probably sees me run to and from my gym bag on several occasions during a session).

So what is actually in my bag?

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Sweet Potato and Kale Frittata


It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of meal prep. An hour or so twice a week saves hours in the kitchen each night (a godsend after a hard days work followed by training) and helps us avoid a trip to the dark side (also known as the dreaded microwave meal).

Though not only do I like to save time each day making my meals, I also want to save time on my meal prep. That’s why, quick simple recipes that are economic and delicious are always a winner.

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How to love your body


Make 2016 the year you finally start to love your body.

Every new year we set resolutions that instantly set us up for a fall. To lose weight, to get better skin, to find someone who will love us unconditionally. Well, why not make this the year you do things a bit differently?

The only resolution I’m really making this year is to ‘love and appreciate my body (and myself)’ period.

Here’s My Big Fit Tips to loving your body… unconditionally!

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My Big Fit Chocolate Truffles


As far as I’m concerned it’s Christmas week and you have free reign to eat whatever you like and enjoy your time with family and friends without any guilt. But, for some of you I know that’s easier said then done. With dairy intolerances at an all time high it isn’t as simple as heading to your local supermarket and hitting up the chocolate isle.

But don’t give up on giving in just yet. With a few simple ingredients you can recreate a delicious store bought chocolate truffle in several easy steps.

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My Top 5 Flu Fighting Foods this Winter

Flu fighting foods

It may have been warm for the start of December but there is no doubt that Winter has arrived with Christmas hot cold on it’s tail! The ground is covered in leaves, the dark outweighs the light and the sound of sniffling fills the air… yes, that’s right, the dreaded flu has arrived.

But what if I told you, you didn’t have to suffer and that you could stave off a cold with the addition of several ingredients that won’t break the bank…

So what should you be adding to your daily diet?


Ginger – Everyones favourite Auntie  Anti. Ginger is anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, anti-septic and anti-histamine. Ginger will help to ease the pain of a sore throat and the antibacterial and antiseptic effects can help to fight the infection causing your sore throat. 

Tumeric – If Ginger is everyone’s favourite Auntie then Tumeric is everyone’s favourite Uncle. A close relative of ginger, Tumeric is known for it’s anti-inflammatory and anti-oxident powers and has been long used in both Chinese and Indian medicines. Tumerics chemical compound Curcumin is a natural immune booster and can help fight free radicals. Stir into warm milk and drink before bed for a healing drink. 

Garlic – Garlic has been used for a long time in the fight to stop the common cold, in fact it’s one of the earliest recorded examples of plants being used for the treatment of illness. Garlic is a natural antibiotic with both antibacterial and antiviral properties and contains a powerful medicinal compound called Allicin (which is produced when garlic is chopped or crushed).  This study shows that people who included garlic in their diet everyday for three months had fewer colds throughout the year.

Elderberry – When taken at the first sign of flu, Elderberry is known to shorten the life of the illness. Some studies also suggest that elderberry can help to relieve congestion by reducing swelling in the mucous membranes. 

Elderberries may be difficult to find but there are plenty of supplements around – try an elderberry tea or an elderberry syrup

Wild Salmon – Wild salmon is high in Vitamin D which helps to regulate the immune system and kill off harmful bacteria and virus’. It’s important we get more Vitamin D through our food in Winter as the dark starts to outweigh the light and the body struggles to get it’s daily dose through the sun.


So there you have it, my Top 5 flu fighting foods to keep you healthy throughout winter. Do you have any foods that you like to increase during the winter months or tips for staying healthy? As always, let me know below!

Have a happy & healthy week guys!

Harissa spiced Quinoa & mixed bean salad


If you follow me on social media you might have noticed that I’ve recently been cutting down on meat, in fact I’ve more or less given it up altogether.

I recently wrote an article on healthy eating and the environment (for another publication) which led me to look into animal agriculture and it’s effect on climate change. Through my research I found that meat production was responsible for 15% of all greenhouse gases, which is higher than all cars, planes, trains and ships put together.

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How to stay healthy in your 30’s (Guest post)


This weeks post comes from My Big Fit Diary’s first ever guest writer – the lovely Amy Mia Goldsmith all the way from Melbourne.  Amy is a literature and biology graduate from Melbourne, with a passion for fitness and a healthy lifestyle. You can contact Amy on her  Facebook page and Twitter.

I hope my readers find this article interesting – I know as I approach 30 I’ll be taking on board a lot of Amy’s tips. And as always, let me know below what you think… happy reading!

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Top Tips for staying hydrated this Winter


We all know we need to drink lots of water, especially during the Summer months when temperatures are high and we tend to do more physical activity. But did you know that it’s probably more important to stay hydrated during Winter?

Water makes up over two-thirds of the body, lubricating your joints and eyes, flushing out toxins and helping to keep your skin plump and healthy. However, the body loses water through day to day activities, sweating & urination, and even more so in Winter as the cold, dry air pulls moisture and water out of you skin (especially when you sleep at night) – ‘Say Hello chapped lips and flaky face!’.

Not getting enough fluids into our bodies can cause muscle cramps, headaches & dizzy spells, tiredness and dry mouth & eyes.

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