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Lots of us know how daunting it can be to turn up to these doors for the first time.  With the sound of banging metal, grunting men (and women for that matter), lots of high fiving and banging music – it isn’t exactly like your normal gym but don’t be afraid… here’s mybigfitdiarys 20 things everyone new to Crossfit should know.   

  1. Lets get the hard stuff out of the way first… It will hurt (but make sure it’s the good pain not the bad, in which case you should stop!)
  2. Be prepared to sweat – a lot!
  3. You will bruise, blister and slash (DUs) – think of them as your war wounds
  4. When you start you will probably PB all the time – but don’t fear when you stop, it just means you are getting better
  5. Don’t be afraid to scale – we all have to start somewhere
  6. Don’t take the whiteboard too seriously – it’s you vs you and no one else
  7. Don’t cheat your reps – you’re only cheating yourself
  8. Learn the lingo – AMRAP, EMOM, RX, METCON – and if you don’t know something, ASK
  9. Nutrition is the most important part of your workout 
  10. People will tell you how Crossfit is bad for you, ‘it could kill you you know’.  Just make sure you find the right box and the right coach.  At the end of the day, make sure you know what feels right, do your own research and never let anyone push you to complete something you’re not comfortable with. 
  11. Always warm up
  12. Always cool down
  13. Don’t neglect the exercises/wods you dislike – you will learn to love them
  14. Your boyfriend/girlfriend/friends will begin to hate you – despite how good you think it is, no-one wants to hear your talk about WODs, AMRAPS and Paleo 24/7
  15. Your washing will increase – and it will all be fitness gear
  16. Your bank balance will decrease – everyone knows you need to match your nanos to your outfit, right?
  17. You will make some great friends – don’t be scared to talk to other members, remember: it’s not like your regular globo gym
  18. Always ask your coach for advice – they love to talk about all things Crossfit & nutrition so don’t be afraid to ask
  19. Don’t forget to rest and recover.
  20. Have fun!!!

If I’ve missed anything out that you think is of vital importance – let me know in the comments below!

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