Hello fitfriends and welcome to my blog.  I’m Ali creator of My Big Fit Diary.

Through my blog I aim to inspire within you, the same passion and excitement that I have for health and fitness.

I believe that to look your ultimate best all year round you must stay consistent and combine both weight training and HIIT with a 80/20 clean paleo friendly diet.  I’m going to be showing you my favourite workouts, how to clean up your favourite meals and desserts, providing you with nutritional info and general all round #fitfamproblems 

I’m not a trainer or a nutritionist (yet!) & I’m definitely not a model; what I am is your typical ‘girl next door’ type with an appetite for nutrition and fitness. I’m not fortunate to live in a beautifully sunny city and instead reside in rainy Manchester in the UK; however, I believe that I and others alike can still have these amazing bikini bodies that we see in magazines and on the internet day to day. It just requires a little more effort and a lot more imagination!

I’ve been a fitness fanatic for a fair few years now but, like many young women these days I’ve always struggled with my diet.  I’m a typical binge eater, stripping the fridge bare whenever I have an urge!  When I’m stressed, sad or, funnily enough, extremely happy, I binge.  I started an Instagram account first in a way to hold myself accountable, and from there the passion grew and after much deliberation I decided to start this blog.

Diet aside, my other main love (beside my husband) is Crossfit – yes, I’m a Crossfit w**ker and proud!  I love to lift heavy ass weights and would absolutely love to play a bigger part in this increasingly popular sport!  For me there is no better feeling then beating my last PB and feeling stronger every day. 

I look forward to having you join me on my fitness journey and hope I can inspire you to start your own, so that we can work together on becoming the best versions of us there is!

To the new healthy you,


A few more things about me…

  1. I’m a trained actress.
  2. I am a wannabe Powerlifter
  3. My favourite exercises are HSPU, cleans and double Unders
  4. I love eggs, avocado & almond butter.
  5. I hate horseradish & mustard.
  6. I am a vegetarian as of October 2015.
  7. Breakfast – morning, noon and night!
  8. I got married in September 2014 and it was the best day of my life.
  9. I’d love to start my own fitness magazine in the UK aimed at women who love to lift!
  10. I have a handsome little King Charles called Hudson (Spot the pup)


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