April Favourites

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Today I want to bring you something a little different from my usual recipes and nutrition posts.  I tried, tested & discovered a fair few things lately and thought it would be great to share these things with all my lovely readers!

So here is the first instalment of My Big Fit Diary’s Monthly Favourites.

Favourite Food:  If you’ve read my recent blog posts you’ll know that I’ve started experimenting with my own Paleo Granola (you can find the recipe here) which in all honestly is probably much more cost effective then buying from the store, especially when most of us probably have a lot of the ingredients in our cupboards already.  However, it was last week when a lovely little local company asked to send me some ‘goodies’, I was intrigued and excited, then even more excited when the package turned up on my doorstep containing RAWNOLA!  This stuff has all of my favourite ingredients rolled into one, cinnamon, maple syrup, lime, coconut – it tasted just like Christmas; a Christmas that you can experience every. single. day.  

So, to cut a long story short – I just really like Granola!

Favourite Drink:  If you follow me on Twitter you’ll have seen that my blender broke – I know – it felt like the end of the world (Or at least until I got a new one).  I went a couple of weeks without making any green drinks and I was starting to have withdrawal symptoms.  Yes, I could buy juices, but Manchester isn’t quite known for it’s health stores and caf├ęs (the only independent one recently closed down!) and they tend to be pretty expensive and full of sugary fruit and yoghurts; that was until I found Savses Smoothies. They do the most amazing flavours of cold pressed 100% natural fruit and veg smoothies.  My favourite, and their best-seller is the SuperGreen with Pear, Broccoli, Lemon, kiwi, apple, kale and spinach… Deeeeelicious!

Favourite Exercise:  I’ve been trying to work on my gymnastics lately after the Crossfit Open helped to expose my weaknesses in that area.  I’ve been working on my kipping, pull-ups, toes to bar & handstands, but my ultimate favourite has to be the Hand Stand Push Up (HSPU).  I finally got my kipping HSPU from the floor shortly before the open and just now need to work on getting stronger to get these strict.  It’s even on my 30 things to do before 30 list to walk on my hands.

Favourite Beauty Product:  Lately I’ve been thinking not only about what I put into my body, but what I put on it.  These two things should go hand in hand – Why refuse to put chemical laden foods in my mouth, but then go and put chemicals all over my face and body.  This is a slow learning curve and I realise if I want to wear make up it may not be entirely possible to emit all chemicals from my beauty regime.  However, earlier this year I was wandering around the drug store and spotted the Bare Minerals counter.  I usually swoop in on these counters, grab what I need and dart away again to avoid any sort of sales pitch from the staff, but this time I asked the lady for some advice and before I knew it, I was in a seat having my full face made up.  She told me all about the company and it’s products and I was sold.  Read Why Minerals? and tell me you’re not sold too?  Needless to say I left with a much lighter purse!

Favourite Blog:  Not only do I like to write them, but I love to read them.  Health and fitness is a passion of mine and I immerse myself in it every day.  This month I’ve been subscribing to lots of blogs, but I have to say my favourite find this month is Greens of the Stonage not just a cracking name & superb content but her blog screams personality!  And to top it all of – she’s British!!  Winner!

So there you have it – my April Favourites!  What are your favourites so far this month?  Let me know in the comments below!

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