Back on track

So yesterday I embarked on a 5 day detox courtesy of Nikki Sharp of Stay Sharp Be Strong. I was really ready and excited to start the detox after coming off my last job (I work in TV) which really took its toll on my workouts and my eating habits. It has also come at the perfect time as I am getting married in less than 2 weeks and need to get my body feeling great, inside and out. Nikki says that doing the detox for 5 days will help get rid of bloating, clear up your skin, it gets you sleeping better & will give you more energy. It isn’t however a quick fix, it should kick start a healthy, balanced lifestyle or like me, get you back on track. I will continue to follow some of the detox rules after the 5 days; however, as the detox is vegan, I will slowly introduce dairy & meat products, alongside the occasional treat.

I spent Sunday food shopping & prepping and I can tell you now, it looks phenomenal.

detox day 1

It is unlike other detoxes where food is in short supply. My meals for the next couple of days are bright, colourful & inviting, making me want to tuck in straight away. I have to be honest though and I did miss meat on day 1, but I definitely don’t want to cheat. I wouldn’t say I’ve been full but so far I have been very satisfied. I usually find it difficult to stick to a restricted diet but I am determined to see this one through. It seems like a very well thought out plan and seeing Nikki follow it herself with great results motivates me further.

I am armed with before pictures and even though I know it won’t be a massive change over 5 days, I am excited to see and (more importantly) feel the results!

Wish me luck guys…

Alison x

P.s – Surprisingly Tofu isn’t actually that bad!!!

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