Blueberry French Toast

Listen to your body

Happy Monday fitfam.  Hope you have had a fab weekend.  I was in final rehearsals for a showcase all weekend that we performed to an audience on Sunday night, which was great as it helped take my mind off having to miss the gym.  Last week I was unfortunately both unwell and struggling from a pulled hamstring.  It happened on Wednesday and I have not made it back to the gym since but I know, like I always tell you guys, that I have to ‘Listen to my body’!

This is something I talk about a lot and I think it is so important when trying to maintain good health and physical fitness.  It is, however, so much easier said than done.  Listening to your body relates not only to injury but to diet… when to eat more or less calories or more of a certain food group… when to add more cardio, more weights etc.  Sadly, this is something we have to take responsibility for as individuals, there is no one size fits all, or even one size that fits just you!

Pushing myself at the gym is my therapy and not being able to do so is crappy but after feeling deflated last week I have decided to concentrate on the things that I am thankful for and for those things I can still do right now.  So this week I will be factoring in some physical activity, whether this is walking, yoga, light cardio, stretching or upper body weights. 

On a positive note, when I was feeling sorry for myself on Saturday I decided to try out a new breakfast, Blueberry French Toast, and it was delicious!  Below is the video I posted on Instagram (which, I admit, is pretty shaky and out of focus but please bear with me while I perfect the art of cooking and filming).

Video IMG_4807

[yumprint-recipe id=’2′]I’ll definitely be making this again and you should join me in getting creative with our fillings and topping for this.. like my favourite Oatmeal, the possibilities are infinite!

If you have any good ideas, make sure to comment below!

Alison x

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