Being injured is an athletes worst nightmare – not being able to do the sport that you love is completely frustrating. And I should know.

I’ve had a shoulder injury which has seen my training scaled back ever since my last competition back in Feb and it’s been far from easy. I can’t even tell you where it all started as it wasn’t brought on by a single event but by months of repetitive strain, and a lot of training through the pain (mistake number one!). It wasn’t until I was in a small car crash back in January which jolted my neck and upper back adding insult to injury that I started taking the pain seriously.

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If you religiously read my blog or follow me on social media you’ll know that earlier this year I competed in my first Crossfit competition (read it here) at The Rainhill Trials. Even though the weekend was insanely stressful and tiring I have to say it’s the most fun I’ve had in ages. I thought I would be self-conscious competing in front of the crowds of people as I’m not even a fan of coaches watching me in the gym (yes I have issues!) but on the day I completely forgot that the crowd was there and just focused on each wod, each rep and enjoyed every minute of it!

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A couple of weeks ago (and yes, I am only just recovering) I took part in my first Crossfit competition – The Rainhill Trials. So far the only ‘competitive’ Crossfit I’ve done is the in house competitions we hold at our box, so in a bid to push myself out of my comfort zone in 2016, I entered on the off chance and put it to the back of my mind. I’d completely forgotten I’d entered when a month or so later I got an email through to congratulate me on getting a slot… cue the nerves!

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Anyone who does Crossfit knows that a Crossfitters gym bag is generally 10x heavier than a regular gym goers. With what seems like a different pair of shoes to go with each exercise and a piece of protective clothing to cover almost every inch of the body, carrying your gym bag around on a daily basis can feel like a workout in itself.

I personally try to streamline my gym bag where possible but when double unders or squats can be sprung on you at a moments notice its essential to be prepared (anyone who knows me, probably sees me run to and from my gym bag on several occasions during a session).

So what is actually in my bag?

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