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This weekend I experienced the self proclaimed ‘happiest 5k on the planet’ and I couldn’t be more ecstatic! Where else would you find children running alongside adults, women amongst men, thousands of people all in white and a near enough naked man dressed as an angel?  The Color Run – that’s where.


The Color run came over to the UK after finding success in the states.  It’s basically a 5k run, jog, skip or dance, where you find yourself being covered in all the colours of the rainbow (aka coloured cornstarch) by smiling strangers every 1km.  The race isn’t timed and really is just a fun run – at first I was a bit annoyed by this but seeing how the event was so open and involving, really made me think differently.  

Fitness doesn’t have to be boring and to make it a part of your life you have to make it fun!


I was amazed to see all walks of life joining together in a celebration of fitness and health.  I love Crossfit for the community element and this was exactly the same – groups of seasoned runners were running with non runners, the young were helping the old and vice versa and I got to run alongside some of my best friends as did many others.


I was slightly upset when I realised we’d ran through our final colour as I just wanted to go again and again and again… however, it wasn’t the end.  As we passed the finish line we were handed some colour packs and pointed in the direction of a ‘mini rave’ where every 20 minutes (organised) chaos would descend as the crowd were prompted by the DJ to throw the contents of our packs into the air in a colour explosion!

I honestly can’t remember a time when I laughed so much  – it truly was an amazing experience and I urge you all to find your local run.

color run

So if I’ve twisted your arm and you fancy having a go at The Color Run head over to their site here (UK) or here (US) Remember – fitness is fun!!!



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