Double Unders

 Hope you are having a lovely weekend guys!

For breakfast today I’m trying something new and having MEAT!  I’m not going strict Paleo straight away (note: I still have at least 1kg of Peanut butter in my cupboards to get through) but I am trying to incorporate more Paleo meals into my plan and try new things with my diet.  I’ve always struggled to find a diet that gives me enough energy to get through my daily workouts but mainly one that I ENJOY!  Rule number one: Eat foods that you enjoy! – if you don’t enjoy the foods you eat then you are 100% going to fail.  I’m starting to realise that depriving myself only results in massive cravings and eventually full on binges where I devour every morsel of food in the house!

So, in the spirit of this, todays breakfast was a sausage, egg and Kale scramble… 


I’ve never been a HUGE fan of sausages and always presumed they were bad for you, but with a bit of careful selection at the supermarket or butchers, you can get some pretty decent ones (just don’t go and fry them after)!

I Wanted to tell you about my Crossfit workout on Friday and how it really inspired me.  

Walking into the box, I noticed some skills on the board that we were to pick from and work on.  I’m not a newbie to the whole gym and lifting scene so I thought there must be something I would be able to improve on but as I got closer to the wall I realised I hadn’t even attempted a single one of these ‘skills’ before (it may as well have been in a foreign language!).

  • Thrusters
  • Snatch
  • Double Unders
  • Toes to Bar

…and they’re just the ones I can remember.

Feeling slightly uneasy, I whittled it down and since I was fed up with starting my warm-up with a run in the wet and wind I negated that Double Unders were a good place to start and -shock horror – I was pleasantly (for want of a better word) surprised.

Within 15 minutes – and about 50 slashes to my shins, arms and hands

photo 2

I could do 4 without tripping over the rope or stopping (alright… they were broken with single skips – I’m not that good guys!).  However, I instantly knew that this was something I wanted to work on, so, as soon as I got home I went online and ordered my very own rope, but I couldn’t even wait for that and had to go buy another straight after work (mental right?)

Needless to say, I was straight down the gym Saturday morning, working on my new ‘skill’; and I managed 7 in a row!!!

photo 1

There are certain exercises/movements that seem to come more naturally to us (each of us are different) and as humans, when we pick something up easily, we have more of a tendency to want to do well at it – and this is one of those cases.

Having been at Crossfit only two weeks, I am already building up a long list of things I want to achieve.  Some things on this list, like the DU’s, are coming more naturally, whereas others, such as pull ups, I know will take a while BUT I’m 100% dedicated and know that with a little (or rather a lot) of hard work I will get there.

The main thing I’ve taken from these last two weeks is that I’m a lot more capable than I first thought. From walking into the box to completing my first double under, I am completely out of my comfort zone but I’m enjoying every minute of it!

Questions of the day…

What have you achieved this week and what do you want to achieve in the future?

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