Go nuts for coconuts – Coconut oil


For as long as I can remember we have been told that saturated fat is bad for us as it leads to high cholesterol, heart disease & obesity – the list goes on and so does the scare mongering.

However, new research has come to light that suggests saturated fats might not be as bad for us as once thought.

Now, before I continue this doesn’t mean you should go out and eat all the pies,

it simply means that you should pick and choose which saturated fats you consume as they are not all created equal – some can actually be good for us.

The difference being – some saturated fats occur naturally whilst others are manipulated through a man-made process called hydrogenation, which produces trans fats often found in biscuits and cakes.

Personally, I think if there is one thing that every woman (or man for that matter) should have in their pantry, it’s coconut oil.

Yes, it’s high in saturated fat (almost 90% of the fatty acids in coconut oil are saturated) and yes it was once believed to be unhealthy because of this, but it is now being reconsidered and is often a staple of a clean diet.

In fact, Pacific islands where coconut oil is often used show little to no signs of cardiovascular disease.

Coconut oil is also found to; improve heart health, increase metabolism & help to support the immune system.

I currently have 2 tubs on the go; a beast of a tub in the kitchen and a smaller tub in the bathroom.

It’s seriously affordable, especially in terms of skin care, a tub can cost as little of £6 which compared to the cost of some skin products is definitely value for money; not to mention that fact its hypoallergenic.

My top 10 uses are:

  1. Cooking (use as a replacement for vegetable & olive oils)
  2. Baking
  3. Moisturiser (straight on your skin or add it to your bath)
  4. Make Up remover
  5. Hair mask (comb through your hair and leave overnight, washing off in the morning)
  6. Supplement for daily energy (mix into green tea or coffee)
  7. Lip conditioner 
  8. Cuticle oil
  9. Deodrant
  10. Toothpaste (mix with baking soda and essential oil)

In the next couple of weeks I’m going to produce a video containing some of my top uses and how to make them – if you can’t wait for that I’ll be back on Friday for some Foodspiration!

Please note:  I’m not a nutritionist and all of the above is a result of my own research online, so please research further if you’re so inclined to. 

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