Harissa spiced Quinoa & mixed bean salad


If you follow me on social media you might have noticed that I’ve recently been cutting down on meat, in fact I’ve more or less given it up altogether.

I recently wrote an article on healthy eating and the environment (for another publication) which led me to look into animal agriculture and it’s effect on climate change. Through my research I found that meat production was responsible for 15% of all greenhouse gases, which is higher than all cars, planes, trains and ships put together.

I won’t go too much into this now as I want to dedicate an article solely to this in the next couple of weeks, however in the meantime you might want to watch Cowspiracy, or head to the Guardian for an interesting read on the subject which was published just this week – click here

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been speaking with several friends on the issue, many of whom have spoken of how they struggle to eat more plant based diets, whether this is due to a poor palate, lack of experience in the kitchen or simply missing meat too much. So, I’m here to stay firstly, even though it would be ideal, you don’t have to give up meat altogether (or at least not at first), every meal without meat is a step in the right direction. And secondly, it’s not as hard as you think to put together some delicious and filling vegetarian meals.

I’ve been obsessed with this recipe lately, which is ideal for making in large batches and taking to work during the week to be eaten hot or cold. It’s also a great recipe to get creative with you could swap out for your favourite veggies or change the harissa for some curry paste for a spicier version!

So what are you waiting for – write a shopping list, go grab some ingredients and get cooking…

What do you need:

  • 1 onion (chopped)
  • 1 cup quinoa
  • 1/2 cup giant cous cous
  • 1-2 tbsp coconut/olive oil
  • 1 tin Mixed Beans (240g drained)
  • 1 squash (chopped into chunks)
  • 1-2 tbsp harissa


  • Spring onion
  • Cherry tomatoes
  • Seeds
  1. Put squash in ovenproof dish with 1tbsp oil and 1 tbsp of harissa and roast at 180° for 35-45mins
  2. Whilst cooking heat 1tbsp oil in a medium sized pan and add chopped onions, cook until soft (around 5mins) 
  3. Rinse 1 cup quinoa in a seive and add to the pan with onions and add with 2 cups water
  4. Season (you could also add extra spices)
  5. Bring to the boil before simmering for 20mins
  6. Add the giant cous cous and continue to cook for a further 10mins (add more water if needed)
  7. Once your grains are cooked, remove from the heat and pour into a large serving dish
  8. Add your mixed beans and cooked squash
  9. Top with tomatoes, spring onions, seeds (For a cold salad leave to cool before adding)

It’s as simple as that.

Remember, we only have the one Planet Earth so it’s up to us to take care of it!







(I topped with a fried egg for extra post workout protein but if you are vegan you can obviously skip this part)

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