Heath & Heather Tea Review

Heath and heather review‘There is something in the nature of tea that leads us into a world of quiet contemplation of life’ Lin Yutang

I’ve spoken about my love for tea on the blog before when I interviewed my lovely friend Marcy, from Parched Tea Bar (You can read again here). 

I find the process of tea making extremely relaxing and it forms a large part of my mindful night time routine which I swear by to get a good nights sleep. So it’s no wonder that when Heath & Heather got in touch for me to try their new range of Organic Super Teas I jumped at the chance.

I already have a huge collection of tea but generally stick to what I know (I’m a creature of habit!) so it was lovely to get to try some new flavours out for a change. There are 5 teas altogether including their Digestive Superseeds, Supportive Root Remedy, Detoxing Slim Tea, Energising Morning and Relaxing Night Time.

Now I’m a huge fan of packaging and often buy products based on the look and feel of the box rather than the contents inside and these teas didn’t disappoint. They are beautifully designed, easy on the eye and each individually wrapped – perfect for popping in your desk drawer or taking in your handbag when travelling.

So what did I think of the flavours?

Energising Morning time

Energising Morning Tea

The Morning Time tea is an infusion of apple & rosehip with guarana & ginseng. The box says that Guarana seeds are believed to contain twice as much caffeine as coffee beans, boosting metabolism and enhancing body and mind. And whilst I’m not keen to give up my daily coffee, I did really enjoy a cup of this in the morning. It’s easy on the stomach and has a subtle fruity taste, great for a warming boost first thing.

Digestive SuperSeed

As my colleague kindly pointed out at work, this one smells of hot Sambuca – yuck! But as I’ve often found, smells can be deceiving with tea, usually for the wrong reason (strong smell, weak ass taste) but I found quite the opposite with this one. It’s a great tea for sipping throughout the day at work when you want a little more than plain old water and the ingredient list is full of traditional herbal aids such as Fennel and Fenugreek seeds which are known to help aid digestion.

Detoxing Slim Tea

Detoxing Slim Tea

Now I have to admit, the name of this tea totally puts me off. It’s a great marketing ploy but completely misleading as far as I’m concerned. I’m hoping the name simply means that the tea is great for your gut, and from the ingredients list which contains psyllium husk, it seems like this is the case. As for the flavour, I do rather enjoy it, even though it contains Roobios which is usually my least favourite tea. 

Supportive Root Remedy 

I’m a hug fan of the rather divisive turmeric latte so it was no surprise that I actually enjoyed this one. The tea contains ingredients such as Tumeric & Ginger which are known for their anti-inflammatory properties. I find this is a great tea to have in the afternoon or early evening as it has a great warming taste. It’s one I’ll be brewing more when Winter rears it’s ugly head again! 

Relaxing Night time

I’m a massive fan of night time teas and already have a sturdy collection in my cupboards. So how did this one compare? I found that it held up against my favourite Twinings night time tea and has the same great soothing qualities. The calming camomile and spearmint are super relaxing and I love to pair them with a square of dark chocolate and a good book!

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Now excuse me whilst I go and brew up!

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