HIIT leg workout

Last week I attended a new class at my gym –The Les Mills Grit workout – and it was a killer.

After cutting most of my cardio to concentrate on my strength (and if I’m honest, I just love to lift), I knew I was in for a rough ride, but it was worse than I anticipated – in a good way.  Has anyone seen the quote ‘unless you puke, faint or die… keep going’?  Well I was close to two of those things on several occasions.

Needless to say, I have since vowed to up my cardio, starting with an intense leg workout this morning.

As I’m not particularly fond of standard cardio such as the treadmill or cross trainer, I have decided to try and mix a variety of bodyweight (& explosive) exercises into my regular workouts.  To get a great intensity into your workout you really don’t need much time.  We’ve said goodbye to the hours we spent slogging it out on the cross trainer and hello to HIIT.  More and more in gyms you will see functional training areas, like the one below in my gym, and people performing Tabata’s, uphill sprints, jump rope & bodyweight exercises – to name a few. 


Today’s workout incorporated some of the above, alongside my beloved weight training.

I started off with a 2 minute slow walk on the treadmill to warm up followed by uphill sprints for a short and sweet 5 minutes.

12.5 incline, 8.5km speed

20seconds on, 10 seconds off (safely jumping to the sides)

Followed by:

Heavy barbell Squats – 5 sets 10

Box Jumps – 5 sets 10 (challenge yourself with these and go high)

15 TRX Squat Jumps s/s 10 TRX Pistol Squat (each leg) x4

Barbell Walking Lunges – 5 x 10

Jumping lunges – 4 x 15

This workout was all about getting an intense cardio workout whilst focusing on building explosive power.  You should be out of breath by the time you finish the sprints at the start of the workout – if you find this bit easy, keep adding a minute at a time.

I also weighed myself this morning for the first time in a while… it wasn’t great but then again I knew that after cutting cardio and not working out as much due to my schedule it may go up!  Time to get back on track so I can allow myself some treats before Christmas.

Alison x

What goals do you want to reach before Christmas?

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