Homemade raw Chocolate

Everybody loves a bit of chocolate now and again right?!? (Or probably everyday if you’re anything like me) and it’s so much easier to make raw chocolate then it would seem. I love making my own and adding extra ingredients to it for a quick and easy treat. It satisfies my sweet tooth almost instantly PLUS if you make it using the right ingredients it’s full of antioxidants & has amazing health benefits when eaten as part of a balanced diet.

choc 2
(Please note: the following information is a result of my findings, to find out more or make your mind up please research further)

Boosts brain power
Improve Vascular function
Detoxifies the liver
Mood enhancing

Coconut Oil
Promotes weight loss
Regulates blood sugar
Anti-inflammatory in the digestive tracks
Energy Booster
(Coconut oil is also great used on the body as a moisturiser & a hair mask)


Get to the making bit already!!! I hear you shouting.

Okay, okay…


To make the chocolate, mix together 2tbsp of raw cacao powder with 1tbsp of coconut oil & a further 1tbsp of maple syrup. Add into moulds and freeze for a minimum of 2 hours. It really is that easy!

choc 3

You could even take out the maple syrup and use 2tbsp of coconut oil, adding some honey or stevia to the mix if you want to sweeten.

Furthermore, I added some raspberries, almonds & goji berries to some of my moulds before pouring in the chocolate mix but you could add anything you want.


The possibilities really are endless!!!

Lastly, I prefer to store mine in the freezer and take them out as and when I need a treat (in fact, I’m walking straight to the freezer when I finish this post, I’m addicted)

Happy chocolatiering!!!

choc 2

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