How to love your body


Make 2016 the year you finally start to love your body.

Every new year we set resolutions that instantly set us up for a fall. To lose weight, to get better skin, to find someone who will love us unconditionally. Well, why not make this the year you do things a bit differently?

The only resolution I’m really making this year is to ‘love and appreciate my body (and myself)’ period.

Here’s My Big Fit Tips to loving your body… unconditionally!

1. Exercise for Fun – Ever heard the phrase ‘find a job that you love and you never have to work a day in your life’? Well the same goes for exercise. If you hate running on the treadmill every day, try a weights session; if you hate your solitary weights workout, why not try a Crossfit Class? Try out as much as you can until you find something you love. You’ll then be more likely to stick to it and your focus will even change. Instead of wanting to change your body, you’ll start focusing on other goals such as your next time or weight PB.

2. Ditch the ‘diet’ – The word diet just oozes negativity. You start thinking about all the things you are denying yourself, the chocolate you can’t have and the social occasions you won’t enjoy. Instead, think about all of the delicious foods that you’ll be nourishing your body with and how it will feel once you get rid of the junk… and if you do want that piece of chocolate, just have it. It’s all about learning to enjoy the food you’re eating – good and (sometimes) bad – but without the guilt!

3. Ditch the scales – Everyone should know by now that the number on the scales is not the best representation of weight loss (if that’s your goal). Instead you could measure yourself or maybe take progress shots of your body – or even better – go off how you feel. Are you happy? Is your skin clearer than ever? Do you have more energy? and do you feel more comfortable in your clothes; or more importantly in your own skin?

4. Focus on the positive – Stop focusing on the bits of your body you don’t like. No matter what you may think, there isn’t a single person out there who is happy with every part of their body; or at least I’ve never met anyone who doesn’t have their body hang ups.

A good way to do this is to focus on self gratitude and what you love about yourself. This might be a favourite feature, or something positive your body helps you achieve. 

5. Stop comparing yourself to others – Have a social media cull and delete all of the accounts that make you (even if they don’t intend to) feel bad about your body. The ‘Insta-perfect’ should be the first to go, if you can’t help but feel bad about your own body every time you see @xxxx newest post then hit unfollow. These accounts are supposed to support us and promote a healthy, positive lifestyle but if you’re not feeling great about your own body to start with then this usually isn’t the case. Unfollow or block until you are ready to love yourself!  

6. Get comfortable with your reflection – This will probably be a scary one (it is for me) but strip down to your undies and stand in front of the mirror and give your body a good look over. View the positives and negatives as a whole instead of picking on each individual body part. Do this maybe once a week or even once a day until you start to feel comfortable with your reflection.

Another good idea is to stand close up to the mirror and inspect your face. Look into your eyes, take a deep breath and repeat to yourself several times ‘I love myself, unconditionally, right now’. It may seem strange at first but eventually it will start to sink in and you will begin to love yourself.


And don’t forget to give yourself time… these things don’t happen overnight but trust me you’ll get there and you’ll feel 100 times better for it!

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