How to stay healthy in your 30’s (Guest post)


This weeks post comes from My Big Fit Diary’s first ever guest writer – the lovely Amy Mia Goldsmith all the way from Melbourne.  Amy is a literature and biology graduate from Melbourne, with a passion for fitness and a healthy lifestyle. You can contact Amy on her  Facebook page and Twitter.

I hope my readers find this article interesting – I know as I approach 30 I’ll be taking on board a lot of Amy’s tips. And as always, let me know below what you think… happy reading!

Health Guide for Women in their 30’s


Though it has been said that life begins at 30, this is also the age when every lady should start paying more attention to her diet, fitness, and well-being in general. Staying healthy, beautiful, and in shape in the face of approaching middle age calls for a tad more effort and care than back when you were an energetic, breezy 20-something. Here are some useful tips on how to stay on top of your health and life as a tricenarian:

Testing Times: Preventing Screenings for Your 30s

Once the 30th candle on your birthday cake goes down, it would be wise to have your overall physical condition preventively screened. Tricenarian ladies should have their blood pressure and cholesterol tested biannually, while clinical breast exams and Pap tests are usually carried out on a three-year basis. Diabetes screenings, thyroid tests, and eye exams are normally performed on a five-year basis, and you should also have your skin inspected by a dermatologist once a year. Also, do not forget to visit your dentist every 6-12 months for optimal oral health.

Sleeping Beauty: Importance of Proper Rest

Coping with multiplying responsibilities becomes slightly more difficult when you dock at the 30-something port, so strive to keep your batteries high and make most of your daily rest. Unlike in the 20s, sleep deprivation at 30+ entails a prohibitive price beyond light drowsiness and dark eye circles. Most women in their 30s need 6-8 hours of sleep a day, so do not miss out on your nightly shuteye if you want your skin to remain radiant, your hair healthy, and your mood positive.

Work It: Regular Exercise is Key to a Healthy Body

Regular exercise is essential to preserving a sexy and healthy body. This becomes extremely important once you turn 30, as this is normally the stage in human life when muscles begin to turn into fat. To preserve optimal muscle strength and bone density despite passage of time, make room for 30-60 minutes of cardio, resistance, and/or strength exercises at least 3-5 times a week. Warm up before and stretch after the training to avoid muscle strain and soreness. The best activities for 30-somethings include swimming, hiking, cycling, jogging, tennis, dancing, and gym workouts.

Key to Healthy Nutrition

One of the most important things is creating a balanced and nutritious meal plan for yourself. This is a crucial point in your everyday life and especially when you hit the number 30. The best way to maintain a balanced diet is to think colorful. This means that you should incorporate different varieties of fresh fruits and vegetables in your meals. Women in their 30s are more prone to weaker bones which may further cause osteoporosis. Because of this, make sure to eat plenty of dairy and leafy green vegetables. Also, consider eating foods that are rich in fiber like whole grains and beans.  Meal planning is a great idea as you can plan recipes for the week ahead during the weekend.

Important Skin Care Tips

As we grow older our skin tends to lose its elasticity and moisture. This means that special care should be focused on proper hydration and nourishment. Another thing that worries most of women in their 30s is the sudden appearance of wrinkles and pores. These issues can be easily fixed just by changing a few of the usual habits. For instance, cutting down or actually quitting smoking is the first step to healthy skin. Always make sure to properly nurture your skin by applying sunscreen and preventing it from sun damage. When it comes to using cosmetic products, make sure they are based on natural ingredients and with no alcohol, as it tends to dry out the skin.


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