Keep Calm… It’s legday

So, I’ve reached day 4 of the detox & after 3 days of following the plan to the letter, I have today, had to make some revisions.  After training chest last night, I got up nice and early this morning to go train legs & on my brisk walk to the gym got very light headed.  I stopped off at the shop to get a banana (still staying Vegan for the detox) to help me along as I think it was the carbs I was lacking.  I am now going to add a bean soup into my lunch as well just to get my strength back up after my leg workout & will then go back to following the plan tonight & tomorrow.  Saying this, once I’d eaten my banana & got to the gym I had such an amazing leg workout.  I felt much stronger than I have been lately & burned through a ton of calories!!!


We have to remember to listen to our bodies… take action on any signs your body gives you, such as dizziness, headaches etc.

I do actually love this detox though and am going to continue to incorporate some of the rules into my everyday diet after the week is out.  I have learnt that I don’t have to have meat with every meal and even though I loved salads before, I love them even more now.   There are just endless combinations.

I’m looking forward to seeing my progress tomorrow, but even if it isn’t visible I do still feel better on the inside, with way more energy than when I started the week with.

Anyway, I’ll leave you today with my workout from this morning focusing on the hammies & that booty we all want to build… it’s short but it’s a killer!

Keep Calm, legday workout

Barbell Squats (go heavy) 4x failure (increasing the weights each set)

Bulgarian Split squat – 4×10 (each leg)

Reverse Hack Squat – 4×12 (Possibly my new fave exercise)

SL Deadlift – 4×12

Donkey Kick – 4×12 (each leg with 8 additional partial reps)

I finished this off with a 10 minute walk on 15.0 incline at between 3.5-5km/min, just in case my legs weren’t dead enough already!

Happy Thursday guys…

Alison x

P.s – Don’t forget to stretch!

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