London Weekender

Happy Tuesday Friends!

This should really be a Monday post but I just don’t know what happened to the day, somewhere between starting on a new programme at work and getting my life in order it just got lost.  So instead, I’m bringing my weekend run-down a day late.

I had such a lovely relaxing Saturday down in London with some equally lovely friends.  We went for a delicious breakfast at a way above average cafe over in North London, called Sunday.

I had avocado, tomato & poached egg on sour dough toast,

photo 5

washed down with a refreshing mint tea.

photo 4

I finally took my first trip to Wholefoods and was in my element…

photo 3

I left with a bag of treats including my first ever Spaghetti squash that I will be cooking tonight.

photo 1

We then went to a stunning bar/restaurant called the York & Albony where we treated ourselves to a bottle (or 2) of pink champagne, some scrummy bar snacks and a girly gossip!

photo 2

It was then back home for a naughty takeaway and off to bed for an early night. 

After such a chilled weekend and a well deserved break from the gym and a strict diet, I’m excited to get back into my training gear and head back down to the gym.  I’ve decided to try and re-adopt some healthy eating & fitness habits I had & loved when I first started on my journey. 

Firstly, I’m waiting for the rain to stop so I can get back outdoors and start running again. I love the feeling of running in the crisp morning air or a late night jog around the city, only to come back and slide into a hot bath with a magazine.

Secondly, I’m going to start adding green smoothies back into my diet.  I used to love these and I seriously don’t know why I stopped making them.  You can see what went into my smoothie below…


Finally, last month I listed a few goals to focus on and hopefully complete by the end of October.  I really pushed myself in the gym up until I pulled my hamstring and managed to accomplish 80kg in my deadlift.  I was stuck at a plateau for so long with this lift, which made this such a great personal achievement… so even though I didn’t achieve my other gym goal of my first pull-up I am still progressing in my journey and will continue throughout November.

Alison x

-Questions of the day-

What challenges did you overcome in October? And what are your goals for November?  Let me know in the comments below!!!



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