Morning Motivation: Tips for Getting yourself out of Bed


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If you’re anything like me then getting out of bed in the morning is a workout in itself. 

First there’s the mental battle – ‘I’m tired’, ‘just 5 more mins’ ‘I’ll just go to the gym after work instead’. Then comes the physical battle when you’re body feels weak, heavy and uncooperative.

More often than not you’ll end up sleeping in, telling yourself you will go to the gym after work, only to find that by the end of the day you’ve talked yourself out of the hard-core evening workout you were adamant you’d commit to this morning. 

So how do you motivate yourself to get out of bed? Read on to find out.

Get more sleep 

It’s easy to stay up binging on episodes of Daredevil ( or sneaking in a couple of PLL eps whilst your other half is asleep ) but it’s simply not worth it.

And if you’re already in bed at 10pm ready for a solid 8 hours but find it difficult to drift off, then it may be that you need to introduce a healthy bed time routine. Check out my tips here for getting a great nights sleep.

Pack your gym bag the night before 

Not only will this save you time in the morning so you can be out of bed and on your way to the gym in no time at all; seeing your gym bag as soon as you wake will remind you of how motivated you are – before the excuses start flooding. 

Move your alarm to the other side of the room 

Hitting snooze is the easiest thing in the world. But if you’ve got to get out of bed to hit that button, you’ll be less likely to want to get back in – once you’re up, you’re up right?

Prepare your pre/post workout breakfast

Getting a workout in before your day officially starts is all about preparation. So make sure you have something ready to grab on your way out of the door – it’ll give you the energy boost you need and stop you from wasting money on expensive protein shakes at the gym.

Write a workout plan 

If you’re training before work you’ll want to make sure your working is as efficient and effective as possible. Having a workout plan will ensure that you get in, and out of the gym in minimum time, having burnt maximum calories.

Bribe yourself 

This ones my favourite! Make a deal with yourself – if you make all of your morning workouts for that week, you can treat yourself to some new sportswear, a Friday lie in or a post workout breakfast at your favourite cafe.

Workout with a friend 

If you know your friend is at the gym working on being the best version of themselves, then you won’t want to be the worst version of you. Simple.

Put together a killer playlist 

If getting out of bed is the easy part, it may be that you lack motivation once you get to the gym. Make sure you have a killer playlist saved to wake you up on your walk to the gym and get you pumped for the workout ahead.

Make it a habit

Yes, it may be hard at first but trust me – the more you do something, the easier it becomes.

So put the above in to practice and you will be reaching your fitness goals before you can say ‘just five more minutes’.

See you at the gym..?

Disclaimer: I was gifted the t-shirt in this image by Runa X LDN

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