Morning motivationTips for motivating yourself to get out of bed!

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If you’re anything like me, you won’t find it that easy to get yourself out of bed for that morning workout… you know the cycle.  You sleep in telling yourself you will go to the gym after work, only to find you have talked yourself out of the hard-core evening workout you had planned; either The gyms too busy… you don’t feel too well… you’re too exhausted… (Or maybe it’s all of the above) and before you know it, it’s the weekend and you haven’t been to the gym once.  So, what can we do to help motivate ourselves?


  • Get more sleep – Instead of watching that extra episode of your favourite programme, watch one.
  • Use your bedroom for sleeping only – turning off all electronics when you go to bed will ensure you get a better night sleep… that means your phone as well!!!
  • Pack your gym bag the night before = extra time in bed
  • Move your alarm to the other side of the room – once you’re up, you’re up right?
  • Prepare your pre/post workout breakfast – so you are ready to get up and go
  • Write a workout plan – make sure you know exactly what you are going to work on before getting to the gym… this will ensure you have a more effective workout.
  • Bribe yourself – Buy yourself some new workout gear or treat yourself to that new outfit, so long as you get up and get all your workouts in that week.
  • Workout with a friend – You can be each other’s motivation… you won’t want to lie around in bed when she is out building a cover girl body. 
  • Put together a killer playlist – It will help get you pumped on your walk/drive to the gym.
  • Make it a habit – the more you do something, the easier it becomes… simple.

Put the above into practice and you will be reaching your fitness goals before you can say ‘just 5 more minutes… pleeeeeaaassseee!’,

Now go to the gym 🙂

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