My Big Fit Christmas Gift Guide

Gift guide

It’s finally here, the moment we have been waiting for since 2014 began… CHRISTMAS!!! It’s the first of December, the tree is decorated, the stockings are up, the wine is mulling and the fire is on – well maybe not in my house just yet but one thing is for certain, my Christmas gift list has been written and vastly multiplying since July.

Being a fitness fanatic can be expensive at any time of the year, but don’t worry if you are still building up your collection, Christmas is just around the corner and I’ve got an array of goodies for you to add to your list or to give to your fittest friends.  From stocking fillers to that extra special item (cough… Vitamix!) – here’s some festive inspiration…


(Top to Bottom – left to right)

1. Nothing says I love you like a pair of spikey balls – These balls will help to ease tension in those pesky areas.

2. The coveted Vitamix – if my amazing, handsome husband is reading this then this is more of a hint to you… wink wink!

3. This is my handstand push up tee – because what Crossfitter doesn’t love a good pun shirt

4. Spiral hair bands – I have some of these and they really help to banish that horrendous kink normal bobbles create

5. Paleo cook book – January is the perfect time to revamp your diet and get creative in the kitchen.  Help your friends and family on their merry way with a paleo recipe book – it really works!

6. Foam roller – I’ve mentioned these before and it really is a crucial item if you’re starting to get serious with your fitness.

7. Framed picture – give this to that annoying friend of yours that always misses leg day – they’ll thank you for it

8. Handpack – All those pull ups and toes to bar wreak havoc on your delicate hands – keep your partners hands soft with this useful stocking filler.

9. Drop it like a squat – Why settle for a t-shirt quote when you can have a bag quote too?  

10. Massage – Give your favourite fitness buddy the gift of massage this Christmas – if you live in the UK you can get some great deals on massages from Groupon – that way you’re both winners!

11. Speed rope – Help your favourite Crossfitter nail their double unders in the new year – they’ll love you for life!

I hope you’ve found something on this list for all the fit freaks in your life – or even just a little gift for getting your butt down to the gym all year… you deserve it!

Sending some festive love, 

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