My Big Fit Workouts – week 1

Now, I’m most certain I’m a touch late with this one but… HAPPY NEW YEAR FITFAM!!

I hope you all had a lovely relaxing Christmas break, eating your cupboards bare and making a ‘you’ shaped dent in your sofa (I know I have)!  I also hope you are now ready to get down to some serious hard work in 2014.  Whatever your resolutions and goals should be; whether they are geared towards your fitness, health, work or simply happiness, there is nothing like a new year to make some headway.

I’ve absolutely loved having this week off, with the excitement of Christmas dying down and plenty of people back in work; the gym has been like my second home.  It’s been so much fun researching and coming up with exciting new workouts to get my ass working hard again.  I’ve been trying out new exercises such as hang cleans (my traps are on FIRE as I type) and working on getting my cardio fitness back up again with WODs, like below, which had me on my back by round 3 (trust me 21 KB swings are not to be sniffed at);

4 Rounds

7 Burpee Box Jumps, 14 push ups, 21 KB swings

I also spent a whole 30minutes before Tuesdays’ leg workout, focusing on stretching out properly and working on my mobility.  I found this great article from (link below) on how to maximise your mobility for squatting.  The article includes various foam rolling, static stretches and dynamic stretches.  I truly believe proper stretching is integral to a good workout; not only to avoid injury but to give you the ability to perform an exercise with correct form and to your full potential.

This brings me nicely to my January Goals, with improving mobility at the top of my list, closely followed with challenging myself on a daily basis and last, but by no means least, to back up my hard work at the gym with a nutritious diet at home.

I’m going to be writing up a weekly synopsis over January of what I have been trying out at the gym and how my diet is going to support this.  I’ve already taken my before pictures and am ready to see how my body can change with some hard work in and out of the gym…

2013 was just the rehearsal… NOW IT’S SHOWTIME!!!

Question of the day!

What are your January Health and Fitness goals?


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