My Big Food Diary – Week 1

Happy Sunday guys.

Hows everyone’s weekends been so far?  I’ve had a lovely time celebrating my upcoming birthday with my beautiful friends… 

Like every good weekend it started with a trip to the gym where my husband and I worked on our deadlifts, de loading weight and increasing reps to keep our bodies guessing and our muscles well trained!  We then performed lots of reps of Rope Slams, Burpees, Kettlebell Swings and Box Jumps (which resulted in me scraping all my leg – FAIL!)  We finished the workout with some lower back work as this is a weak point for both of us!

We then headed home to get ready before meeting a friend to shop for Miami clothes (1 month to go – eeep), then on to meet the rest of my friends for afternoon tea and a couple of cocktails… I didn’t drink much but had an AMAZING time (it was 3am before I got home) my friends are just the best!!!



As you know, I’ve been trying to get my nutrition on track to support all the work I’ve been putting in at the gym.  So to do this I thought I’d take pictures of my food from Monday-Friday (not that I don’t take enough pictures already) and put them together in a blog post – Ta daaaa!  

photo 3photo 4photo 3photo 4photo 5

Overnight Oats, chicken cous cous & veg, homemade energy balls, salmon & eggs, casein & PB

photo 2photo 2photo 1photo 1photo 4

Overnight Oats, Chicken rice & veg, energy balls, 3 bean chilli, Clementine

photo 3photo 5photo 1photo 4

Overnight Oats, Chicken rice & veg, raisins, Clementine (I went to a friends for tea and had pie as a treat, I did have a childs portion though & it fit my macros – WINNER)

photo 5photo 1photo 1photo 2photo 4

Oatmeal PB & egg whites, raisins, 3 bean chilli, Salmon salad, Casein PB & frozen grapes

photo 2photo 3photo 5photo 2photo 1

Oats & PB, salmon salad, Nakd Bar, Egg whites, Greek yoghurt frozen fruit & dark choc drops!

(I also had a protein shakes after each workout this week and a few additional rice cakes.) 

I’ve been pretty on point during the working week but am sure I can make some improvements next week & really clean up my diet (especially after the weekend treats).  I’ve already noticed subtle differences in my body, my workouts have improved and my skin even looks better.  

In other news, I STARTED CROSSFIT THIS WEEK!!!  Joined in on a class on Tuesday and absolutely loved it… I’ve been incorporating more and more Crossfit style workouts into my weekly plan already and have really noticed an increase in my energy and cardio fitness, it’s great.  I’m looking forward to starting my ONRAMP on Tuesday and will bring you a blogpost of how I get on next week – I already urge you all to try!

P.s – How AMAZING is it when this happens??? 

photo 3


What’s your favourite clean meal?

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