My Crossfit Gym Bag Essentials


Anyone who does Crossfit knows that a Crossfitters gym bag is generally 10x heavier than a regular gym goers. With what seems like a different pair of shoes to go with each exercise and a piece of protective clothing to cover almost every inch of the body, carrying your gym bag around on a daily basis can feel like a workout in itself.

I personally try to streamline my gym bag where possible but when double unders or squats can be sprung on you at a moments notice its essential to be prepared (anyone who knows me, probably sees me run to and from my gym bag on several occasions during a session).

So what is actually in my bag?

Believe it or not these are just a selection of my essentials and in all honesty I’m still missing a couple of items I could really do with at the moment – mainly a lifting belt and some knee sleeves (yes, this Crossfit business is an expensive game).

But enough of what I could have and more of what I do have.


First and most importantly I believe a sturdy pair of ‘all rounder’ trainers is a must for Crossfit. A pair that can withstand box jumps, olympic lifting, powerlifting, running and even the odd rope climb. Believe it or not these Reebok Crossfit Nano 5 were sent to me by My Protein (yes, that’s right, they don’t just do protein) and they are great to WOD in. Don’t let the lightweight fabric fool you, these shoes are strong and have even been made with RopePro Wrap to protect them from those pesky shoe shredding rope climbs.


I’ve started to mix up my training with some Olympic Lifting sessions so I always make sure I have a pair of lifters in my bag too. A lot of Crossfitters will also carry them round so they can whip them out should a particular lift come up on the whiteboard; so if your training is more or less all Crossfit, it might be worth investing in a hybrid lifting shoe that is easily transferable from lifting to performing functional movements.

In addition I always tend to have a couple of interchangeable workoutfits with me, which, depending on the weather and how sweaty the WOD is can be layered up and taken off as needed. This usually includes a pair of booty shorts, some leggings, a sports-bra, a vest, a long sleeve top and a sweatshirt or hoody.

You’ll also find my SGF rope hanging around in my bag, which I don’t think I’ve mentioned yet but it’s branded. Yep. That’s right. My very own My Big Fit Diary rope. Just look how beautiful it is!


These ropes are great for Crossfit as double unders are easiest when performed using a speed rope, meaning the rope is usually made of wire (which if you’re learning DU’s at the moment… Ouch!) and lightweight handles that allow the rope to spin.

Some form of protective gear will often feature in a Crossfit gym bag too and I personally couldn’t survive without my wrist wraps which help to protect my weak wrists when performing any kind of overhead movement. You can pick a pair of these up for dirt cheap on Amazon.

An essential for any ladies gym bag (and not just Crossfitters) is a sturdy hairband – because you’ll never make it to regional’s when you’re wasting valuable seconds scraping hair out of your eyes!! I like to use the invisibobble as they tend not to leave that annoying ridge around your hair afterwards, and I also make sure I have plenty of grips with me to pin back those stray hairs. 

I don’t usually shower at the gym as I tend to train in the evening and wait until I get home, but I do tend to carry around some deodorant and some dry shampoo to the gym in case I’m popping to the supermarket afterwards or for a coffee with one of the girls – I mean, I don’t want to look like a total tramp!!


And finally I’m not a big fan of a pre-workout (supplement or food) as they tend to leave me feeling a bit sick when throwing myself about in a WOD, but I do always make sure I stay hydrated with my filtered bobble bottle and after a tough session I recover with a much needed Protein Shake (I love the Salted Caramel My Protein Whey at the moment)

So there you have it – a little peek into my gym bag. Let me know if you have any gym bag essentials that you think I’m missing? I’m always on the lookout to try new things.

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