If you haven’t already guessed from the title of this post… my husband and I are expecting our first baby!! As this blog post goes live I’ll be nearly 18 weeks pregnant and counting – that makes the baby the size of a Pomegranate.
The last few months have been a complete and utter whirlwind. From finding out I was pregnant to my first bout of morning sickness. And finally, that all important first scan.
If you’ve read my latest post on writers block then this post might help to explain part of my motivational loss. For those of you who haven’t been pregnant before – the first trimester is considered the worst of the three with a high percentage of women experiencing symptoms such as sickness, nausea and tiredness.

Discover my top tips to surviving your first trimester below.

Learn how to beat nausea 

Nausea is a bitch. Whether it’s full on morning sickness or a nauseous feeling in the pit of your stomach from morning til night. It can be the worst part of your first trimester.
If you’ve not suffered to date then congratulations… but if you are suffering, all is not lost. I found the following three things the most helpful.
– Getting something into my stomach first thing – be it a rice cake or a bowl of cereal, it can help to stave off any sickness.
– Ginger – try some ginger tea or a ginger biscuit (no-one said it had to be healthy!).
– Eating small, frequent meals. It can be hard to keep down a full meal, so to keep your blood sugar up try eating smaller meals throughout the day.

Just Eat

I had visions of being the picture of health during pregnancy – and although I’m starting to get back into a healthy routine, the first trimester didn’t quite fit my ideals.
I was in the ‘nauseous from noon til night’ camp and, believe it or not, eating was the only thing that brought me back to life. And by eating I don’t mean green juices or nutritious salads – I’m talking beige food, out of a bag.
In her book, How To Grow a Baby and Push It Out, Midwife Clemmie Hooper says that it can be ‘difficult to eat healthy foods when most of them make you gag… if you manage to get one piece of fruit or veg into your daily diet then you are doing better than most… so try not to worry too much as you’ll make up for it later in pregnancy when your body will be saying ‘I’m starving’.

Get some shut eye

You will feel tired during your first trimester, think about it, your body is going through a lot of changes. You’re making the placenta and your hormone levels and metabolism are changing each day. And don’t forget all that sickness taking away your energy resources.
So don’t feel guilty about getting an extra forty winks in the middle of the day or going to bed whilst it’s still light. Just listen to your body and give it what it needs.

Get moving 

Exercise might not be the top of everyone’s list – it certainly wasn’t on mine – but it’s important to keep moving throughout your first trimester. And by exercise I’m not saying you should be in the gym busting your ass in the free-weights, but you should be keeping active during the week.
I can count on both hands the amount of times I made it to the gym in those first 12 weeks. Instead I tried to walk as much as possible. That means at least 30 minutes walking during the week, and longer, more brisk walks with the family at the weekends (Yoga and swimming are also great forms of exercise during this period).
But, if you do feel up to the gym then why not. But please, make sure you consult a doctor or your midwife first and don’t take up a new exercise routine if you’re body isn’t used to it. And, the thing I’ve found most important… listen to your body!

Don’t panic  

Easier said then done, I know. Up until my scan date I was constantly paranoid (& still am even) – taking pregnancy tests on a weekly basis to reassure myself it was real; checking my toilet roll for blood every time I had a wee, and Googling my symptoms to an unhealthy level (sorry if that’s tmi, but it can be comforting to know someone is going through the same things as you).
Try to remind yourself that it’s normal to have some anxiety during pregnancy, especially if it’s a new experience for you. But, too much stress isn’t good for you, or the baby. So if you are worried or suffering from any unexplained symptoms then get in touch with your midwife or doctor straight away. At the very least they can help put your mind at ease or offer you an early scan to check that everything is okay.

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I started this blog, not only as a way to document my own fitness journey, but as a way to inspire others to start their journey too. I wanted to create a space full of tips and tricks on how to survive the fitness industry; not from a fitness professional, model or online superstar, but from your average twenty-something (now 30 and counting) who’s trying to plough her own ‘fitness’ furrow, and survive it too.

But with my own fitness (& blogging) motivation waning due to a hectic work and social life, I’ve found myself struggling to put pen to paper – or should I say fingers to keyboard. I’ve written as little as two blog posts in as many months recently and, although I’m desperate to get back in the blogging game, I’m simply stuck for ideas.

So after weeks of contemplation, procrastination and sheer laziness, I’m finally getting my laptop open – not just to while away the hours on Your Tube – but to do some blogging.

If, like me, you’ve been struggling to blog lately too then I’ve listed some of the ways that I deal with writers block. And don’t worry if you’re reading this and you’re not a blogger, because the essence of each of my tips can be translated into most areas where you’ve been lacking motivation… so lets get started.

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A couple of months ago I went to support my friend Greg in his first full Ironman competition and I was completely blown away. The sheer guts and dedication it takes to endure such a challenge is outstanding. Watching him was so inspirational and I was instantly motivated – which was great timing as my own fitness journey had been somewhat stagnant lately.
I instantly wanted to interview Greg to find out more about his journey & training and was pleasantly surprised to find out he had even completed this challenge whilst reducing his meat intake – a big thumbs up from me!!
So make yourself a cup of tea, get comfy and discover what goes in to becoming an Ironman below…

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Nearly two years ago now I made the decision to turn my back on the paleo lifestyle and swap my life of bacon, steak and grass fed beef, for a life without meat. A new life which started as a conscious effort to reduce my carbon footprint, and evolved into a life to do my bit to save animals.

This new chapter also made me look a little bit deeper and totally re-address my beauty routine – from whatever products I fancied, to whatever products were cruelty free (or as much as I can for now). I stopped purchasing Loreal and most drugstore labels (they may not test on animals in the UK but if they sell in China, they do) and started to buy more Lush, Hourglass and Becca – my bank account didn’t thank me for it but my conscience did.

So when the lovely people from wellness webshop Nutrimarket offered me the chance to try one of the products on their site – I jumped at the chance to test one of their natural skincare brands – Zk’in.

Zk’in is a skincare brand from Australia who believe in honest beauty. They use certified organic ingredients in their products, with a focus on creating naturally enriched, hydrated and naturally replenished skin. There are no parabens, sulphates, petrochemicals or unnatural ingredients in any zk’in products.

What product did I try?

I personally have extremely sensitive skin and even the most sensitive products can irritate my face, especially under the eye area, so I was keen to try the Calming Cream Cleanser with Natural Skin Hydrating Actives. It’s a non lathering, alcohol-free gentle cleansing cream, which turns from oil to milk upon contact with the water. The anti-inflammatory Colloidal Oatmeal is abundant in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Whilst the Aloe Vera helps to rehydrate skin – great for heading into the winter months. Sounds like a dream right?

How to use…

I use a different product to remove my eye make up as this says to avoid the eye area. Once my eye make up is removed, I apply some product to the skin and work in for a moment before removing with a cotton pad. This step effectively gets rid of make-up. Then I go in again with some more product to give my face a deeper cleanse, this time washing off the product before patting my skin dry with a clean towel.

So how did I get on?

The product itself feels super creamy and soft on the skin. It’s easy to work with and removes easily – without leaving your skin feeling oily or as if you have product residue left on your face. The one downside of the product is that it doesn’t smell great – although I always hope that bad smelling products mean that they work better (does anyone else think that?).

You wouldn’t believe it from the texture but it’s actually super effective at removing foundation and other make up. Just make sure you use a dedicated eye make-up remover and avoid contact with the area when using.

I’ve been using this product for a few weeks now and feel like it’s given me a great glow. My skin feels hydrated and plump after each use as the second cleanse works deep into my pores. I’m definitely going to be trying out a few more of their products soon to support my routine – I’ve especially got my eye on the Smoothing Skin Serum!!

Have you tried any Zk’in products before? If not, nows your chance! Use the code FITDIARY17 to save 15% off your entire order.

The products in this post were sent to me for the purpose of this review. However, as always, all views and opinions are my own.

If you’ve been following my blog for a while now you’ll know I’m a big advocate of the importance of sleep. And whilst I’m not going to share my ‘evening routine’ on here (because lets be honest what normal, working woman has time on her hands for the ‘perfect’ routine), I did want to share some of my night-time essentials – and by essentials I mean they come everywhere with me, even on holiday! 

Generally, my evening routine goes a bit like this…

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