My big fit podcasts

Lately I’ve become obsessed with Podcasts. 

I’m subscribed to so many that my phone rarely has any free space. They’re just perfect if I need a bit of me time; am on a short walk or my daily commute. I simply stick in my headphones and switch on my favourites. And what’s more, they’re totally FREE!

If you’re new to the world of podcasts or are looking for some new ones then I’ve got some crackers for you to get addicted to. And since I’m all about balance, they’re not just fitness focused; there’s some fun & feminism too. 

So let’s get started

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Healthy & happy

This weekend I took part in my second ever colour run. Anyone who’s taken part in one of these runs will know how much fun it is – seriously, if every run started and ended with a rainbow of colours thrown in the air then I’d run a hell of a lot more!!

Taking part in the run got me thinking about the things that make me happy and how I try to pick myself up when I’m feeling down. Now, I don’t know about you but I’m constantly striving for a happier and healthier life. That’s not to say I’m unhappy with my current state of affairs but I struggle with anxiety and often get myself into a cycle of negative thinking.

As difficult as I find it at times, I do believe that it’s important that we stay present in life; focusing on the here and know, enjoying every moment of it. So what can we do right here, right now to ensure we’re leading the happiest & healthiest lives possible?

I’ve listed my top 10 ways to start leading a happier, healthier life now.

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I’ve been wanting to branch out on my blog for a while now so when I was invited to a bloggers day out at the fab, but often forgotten, Barton Arcade in Manchester I jumped at the chance.

The Barton Arcade sits in the heart of Manchester city centre just off Deansgate and behind St Ann’s Square. I used to work nearby and often mindlessly walked through on my way into the city centre without considering any of the stores inside, so it was great to get a closer look at the Arcade & the stores inside.

Find out more about our day below.

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Banana bread

When life gives you brown bananas, you make banana bread – am I right?

I’m not proud of it but I spent so many years throwing out brown banana’s as I thought they were bad. As soon as they turned ever so slightly brown they would be straight in the bin. That was until I discovered banana bread!

It’s gooey, totally delicious and you feel a bit healthier knowing that it has fruit in (even if it is paired with chocolate!). It’s so simple to make requiring only a handful of ingredients; most of which you probably have in your cupboards already – I know I did.

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For the past few years Crossfit has been a big part of my life and I’ve loved (nearly) every second of it. I loved pushing my body out of it’s comfort zone; making some great friends, challenging myself at competition level and building some much deserved muscle.

When I started Crossfit I was already in love with fitness but craved something more exciting than squats, deadlifts and bench. I was ready to push my body to the extremes and learn some badass new skills like the amazing Crossfit women I’d been obsessing over in recent months. I was also in a different space to where I am now: I lived in the city centre, had less responsibility at work (and home) and was simply of a younger, dare I say it more selfish, mind-frame.

Lately I’ve been questioning whether Crossfit is for me anymore. Do I love it as much as I used to and will I miss it if I turn my back on the community?

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