Post Wedding Workout

As you may or may not have noticed I’ve been off in La la land recently getting married



so for a couple of weeks I’ve allowed my fitness & health obsession, along with my blog (unfortunately), to take a backseat.

I’ve had a fabulous time,

spending time with my loved ones…






& generally feeling carefree & happy…


but as the honeymoon draws to a close and I get back into the swing of everyday life, I’m ready to get back to the daily grind and continue making progress on my health & fitness journey!

I’ve made a promise to myself to really keep on top of not only my workouts & nutrition but also on top of this blog.  I pinky promise to you & to myself to produce regular, interesting & fun content on this site; including biweekly spots such as ‘What I ate Wednesday’ & ‘Foodie Friday’, alongside coming up with new workouts & recipes for you to recreate.

My husband (I’ll never get tired of saying that) and I have set ourselves some fitness goals in the lead up to our holiday in Miami next Feb.  We are ready to get in the best shape of our lives…

Who else is with us!?!?!?! 

The first mini goal we have set is to start adding at least one completely NEW and FUN workout into each week.

It’s important to keep it fresh at the gym;

a)      to keep your body guessing &

b)      to stop you from getting bored (which is usually why we quit any new regime).

This week’s Fun workout was something I’ve personally wanted to try for so long BUT like many others I find it can be daunting trying new exercises at the gym.  I find myself wondering, am I doing it right? Will I be able to finish? So it was lovely for me and my husband to do it as a team.

Anywho, the workout went a little something like this…

Warm Up.

10mins incline walk @ 6km/hour (increase incline every minute until you hit MAX)


20 Box Jumps

20 Kettlebell Swings

20 Med Ball wall throws

Rest & repeat x5

We then finished with a 20minute session on the spin bike before cooling off & stretching out.

This style of workout will really help to increase cardio fitness & endurance as well as helping you get lean.  Even better you can fit the circuit part of this workout into even the busiest of days, getting you in and out of the gym in no time, having still got in an amazing workout!!!  Trust me, after a two week hiatus from the gym, I was beat and my heart rate was through the roof but I left the gym buzzing!

Next week we’re going to give the battle ropes a try so keep checking up on mybigfitdiary & if, like me, you keep hearing about ‘heavy rope workouts’ but are too scared to try… I’ll bring you a step by step guide to a ball busting workout!

Finally, I hope you are all as excited as me to see what the – dare I say it – build up to Christmas brings.  It’ll be here before you can say FIT FOR 2014!!!

Alison Paton x


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