Tabata rope workout

As I said on my blog at the beginning of the month, I have been challenging myself to complete a new exercise/workout each week.  This week I have actually gone even further and tried not one but two totally new workouts… I’m obsessed with the feeling of completing something I was either once scared of doing or something I once couldn’t do!

Earlier this week on Instagram the lovely @fitfelicia24 posted a 500 rep leg workout which had me sweating in minutes…  I used a lower weight than usual but still pushed myself as far as I could.  The workout included 100 box jumps, which have had me aching for days; especially since I was forced to use the tallest box at my gym (all the others were taken!).  I was so buzzing that I achieved all 500 reps that I wanted to reiterate to you guys that it is so important to push yourselves.  Our bodies are so much more capable then we think they are, I honestly believe that;

‘The body achieves what the mind believes’

This week I also came up with my own tabata workout, using the ropes, to finish off my chest & shoulder day. 

Tabata is a style of training where you work intensely for 20 seconds and rest for 10 seconds; this is done 8 times to complete 1 round.  You can keep it as short as 4 minutes (1 round) or carry on for as long as you want.  I tend to do either 2 or 4 rounds depending on how much time I have free.  I absolutely loved using the ropes in a tabata style workout, as to me this is so much more fun and interesting than doing regular cardio and it will seriously raise your heart rate and burn you out.

If you want to try out either of these workouts, you can get mine below or @fitfelicia24 ‘s over on her Instagram page (Go follow her while you’re there!!)


You can also get a Tabata app on your iphone or smartphone to help you keep up with timings.  It will beep to signal you to change so you can put your all into your workout without having to keep stopping to check a stopwatch.  There are a variety of apps but I have the following which is so simple to use!


Enjoy your Thursday guys and I will be back tomorrow with a brand new recipe for my new Foodie Friday feature!!!

Alison x x

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