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Sustainability has been a hot topic for 2018. You can’t turn on the news, scroll through Instagram or read a magazine without hearing/reading about it. First we had the war on plastics, quickly followed by the rise of the flexitarian and the backlash on fast fashion. 

Never has there been a better time to consider how much you consume and how it might be affecting the planet.

So this year, instead of my usual health and fitness gift guide I wanted to do something a little bit different and think about how we can buy more sustainably at this time of year.

So this years ‘gift guide’ won’t contain the latest Lulu or the next fitness fad (unless a months subscription to your favourite fitness class is your thing!). Instead it’s full of gift ideas for the eco warrior in your life and tips on how you can consume more consciously this season.

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  1. Give your gift receiver a head start and encourage them to be more sustainable in 2019 with an Eco friendly tool. I’ve personally got a Swell water bottle on my Christmas list this year but other ideas include a Keep Cup for the coffee lover in your life, reusable straws for your smoothie loving sister, or a slogan tote bag for your fashionista friend. 
  2. Sustainable Beauty products. I’ve been swapping some of my favourite personal products for more sustainable options this year. My favourites are Lush cosmetics shampoo and soap bars but there are so many more popping up on the market this year.
  3. This was mentioned by This Life and Me on her Instagram stories and I’m in complete agreement. Babies don’t need a sack full of presents when they are still young – Christmas is just another day to them. So don’t go mad – a few gifts in a stocking are sufficient, or why not create a Christmas Sensory Box to keep them entertained on the big day itself – you’ll thank your past self when you’re running around making drinks for guests and trying not to burn the roasties.
  4. But, if you do decide to buy your baby a toy this Christmas why not ditch the plastic and opt for a wooden toy instead – I love these stacking jungle animals. And lets face it, they look better and won’t ruin the aesthetics of the nursery you unleashed your inner interior designer on.
  5. Secret Santa has been an office staple for years but why not bring it into the family home this year? Set a budget, pop names into a hat, and go get your chosen name something they’ll love. You could even use an online generator such as Draw Names which allows you to add a wish list or ‘hobbies’ and ideas to help the gift buyer out.
  6. Give the gift of experience. For my friends 30th this year I bought us tickets for a pottery class in Manchester, we had so much fun together and both got a jug to take home with us at the end. Fitness events, class pass, afternoon tea vouchers, gig tickets, and massage/beauty treatments are some of my other personal favourites.
  7. Fancy yourself a bit of a baker or lover of homemade beauty potions? Then go handmade this Christmas. There’s nothing better than a gift that has had a lot of time and effort put into it – you could even make my delicious, healthier gingerbread men from last year. 
  8. As a child I would spend hours flicking through the Argos catalogue, making a list of my favourite toys to leave on the kitchen table for my Mum to see. So why not make a list as an adult – it might not be very British of us but it means that if someone wants to buy you a gift, then at least you’re receiving something your really want and need, rather than an item that could end up in the bin come January 1st. (I’m not going to lie, I still tell my parents what I want at 31!)
  9. Something to last. One of the few gifts I’m buying my daughter this year (alongside a wooden toy and book) is a personalised Christmas stocking that will last her for years to come. I’m already looking forward to pulling it out every year and making it a tradition.
  10. Donate to Charity. If you’re a true Christmas angel then you might want to think about asking your friends and family to donate to a chosen charity this year instead of buying you a gift.
  11. This ones more of a top tip than a gift idea but did you know that wrapping paper isn’t recyclable? No? Me neither. I’m using last years leftovers to wrap my presents this year but next year I’ll definitely be jumping on the brown paper trend – you can find some stylish wrapping ideas on Pinterest (but please don’t throw any leftovers out for a sustainable version, that’s just missing the point).

How are you being more sustainable this year? Let’s chat in the comments below 🙂 

Hands up if you love Christmas?! 🙋🙋🙋

Christmas has always been an exciting time of the year for me and as I’ve grown older it hasn’t got any less magical. Yes, things have changed a lot and instead of receiving presents I now love to buy, wrap and give gifts to my family and friends!
One of the things that makes Christmas for me is, of course, the food.
I’m a massive foodie all year round and have the biggest sweet tooth! Yes, I try to keep it in check but there’s simply no denying it, especially around this time of year. In fact you’ll probably find me for most of Christmas day face down in a family sized tub of roses after already devouring a full tub of celebrations (well, the good ones at least). However, in the run up to Christmas I do try to bake some healthier treats to stop me binging from November through to February (once I start I just can’t stop – sound familiar?) and this year has been no different.
A few years ago on this blog I made some Paleo/vegan Christmas cookies and they are still one of my favourite My Big Fit Recipes which I revisit ever year.

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year…

It’s also the most indulgent time of the year with an estimated 6,000 calories being consumed by the average person on the 25th December alone*. So it’s no wonder we all look forward to Christmas day when, as I like to say, ‘calories don’t count’; but the difficult part is not letting this run into the New Year and ruining your progress from 2016.

To give you a helping hand I’ve listed my Top Tips below for keeping healthy over the Christmas holidays.

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