‘Matcha, Matcha Man, I want to be a Matcha Man’

So I was sent some Matcha by the lovely guys at Vivolife a while back and aside from the odd teaspoon in my morning smoothie I’ve not really put it to good use *not very appreciative Ali!*. I think I’ve actually just been a bit scared of adding it to recipes, especially desserts, as it does tend to have a slightly earthy taste, and with a slight slip of the hand can be extremely overpowering. But… seeing as though Matcha is having it’s moment in the spotlight, I thought I should man up and do a bit of experimenting (I mean I am a healthy food blogger after all).

So what is Matcha?

Matcha is basically a fine ground powder made from Japanese tea leaves. It’s known for it’s range of health and weight loss benefits, and has been used for centuries to boost energy and focus the mind (which is something I’ve needed a lot of lately!)

And how is it consumed?

Matcha has recently gained popularity as a new type of ‘latte’ (basically Green Tea powder with frothed up milk). However, foodies have started getting a bit more creative in the kitchen and have been using this ground powder in a whole range of sweet treats – from muffins and ice creams to truffles and cheesecakes. And seeing as though my Raw Rose & White Chocolate cheesecake went down so well earlier this year I figured why not give a Matcha version a go. 

So if you’re a fan of green tea, think of yourself as a clean eating foodie, or maybe you just like to try new things then read on for the recipe…

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