Why I’m taking a break from Crossfit?

For the past few years Crossfit has been a big part of my life and I’ve loved (nearly) every second of it. I loved pushing my body out of it’s comfort zone; making some great friends, challenging myself at competition level and building some much deserved muscle.

When I started Crossfit I was already in love with fitness but craved something more exciting than squats, deadlifts and bench. I was ready to push my body to the extremes and learn some badass new skills like the amazing Crossfit women I’d been obsessing over in recent months. I was also in a different space to where I am now: I lived in the city centre, had less responsibility at work (and home) and was simply of a younger, dare I say it more selfish, mind-frame.

Lately I’ve been questioning whether Crossfit is for me anymore. Do I love it as much as I used to and will I miss it if I turn my back on the community?

If, like me, you feel like your fitness routine isn’t working for you anymore, it may be time to take a break and reassess your situation. Read more to discover my reasons for wanting to hang up my Nano’s.

To reduce stress

I know it sounds cliche but exercise really is my therapy. I’ve suffered from anxiety for as long as I can remember and often start a workout with the weight of the world on my shoulders. For a long time a Crossfit class was all I needed to focus my mind and let go of all the extra bullshit flying around my head. 

These days, I find that it heightens my anxiety. I’m constantly pitting myself against others at the gym and dwelling on the exercises and weights I struggle to complete; rather than training for the pure love of the sport.

To heal Injuries

I’ve struggled with a shoulder injury for a while now. I ignored the crunching and pain for far too long before it finally came to a head early last year, forcing me to take 6 months off lifting. I went for an MRI scan to get to the root of the problem and undertook several months of physio.

During the 6 months rest, I squatted A LOT, completed the exercises I’d been set by my physio and built up the strength in my shoulder. I’ve been back training for 8 months now, injury free, until last week when my shoulder started to crunch again. So I’m going to learn from my mistakes and take some rest before it gets worse.

Try new things

I’ve been wanted to try some new things for a while now with boxing and SUP yoga at the top of the list but Crossfit has always got in the way. Either due to lack of time from training, or lack of money (Crossfit is expensive!). So during my break I’ll be grabbing my friends and heading down to some local classes to learn some new skills.

If you’re based in Manchester and want to try a new class, check out my article with MagnaPass here.

Save money

Yup, Crossfit isn’t cheap and with my membership going up lately it’s no longer worth the amount of sessions I can make. 

These days, I only go to my gym to take part in Oly lifting programming which generally means training by myself at the back of the gym. Needless to say £80 a month is a bit of a waste when I’m not taking advantage of the coaching, gymnastics and programming. Plus, if I only make one session a week it works out as a £20 visit… you can get a month at Pure for that.

Lose weight 

As a fitness bloggers it’s hard to admit, but I’ve put a bit of weight on lately. My work life has gone crazy and I don’t have as much time as I used to to meal prep; often picking up bite to eat on the run. Stress has also meant that I eat at irregular times and often binge late at night (something I thought I’d recovered from years ago). 

Now, I know that ‘lifting weights doesn’t make you bulky’ but if your nutrition is poor, the muscle sitting underneath your fat will make you look bigger, or at least it does in my case. 

Gain time

I no longer live close to the gym and often sit in traffic after work for 30minutes (it’s a 5min journey). On a weekend, I can complete a workout from home within the same amount of time it takes me to drive to and from the gym… you do the math.

Now, I don’t know about you but I want exercise to be part of my life, not a chore but something I can easily fit into my day and make it a part of my life… and Crossfit doesn’t really fit this criteria at the moment.

So, I’m giving myself a break from Crossfit to see if I can reignite my love for it, or whether it’s simply time to cut ties and move on to the next obsession in my life. Watch this space…

Do you love your fitness routine? I’d love to know in the comments below what you do in order to shake things up in the gym.

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