Top 5 Mothers Day Gifts for the Fit & Healthy Mum


Its the run up to Mothering Sunday and you’re still stuck for what to buy the number one lady in your life? Gone are the days when a homemade card and breakfast in bed cut it for showing her how much she actually means to you? Then here’s my Top 5 gifts for the Fit and Healthy Mum to help you on your way.

Cook book and healthy lunch – Treat your Mum to a cook book from one of the hottest health guru’s of the moment. Whether that’s wellness woman Madeleine Shaws Get The Glow or home cooking sisters Hemsley & Hemsley’s Good and Simple, your mother will love it. And better still why not use it to spend some quality time with her? Pick a recipe, buy all the ingredients and have a healthy cooking afternoon and lunch together. She’ll love your thoughtfulness and attention. 

Beauty Sleep – Is your Mum always on the go? At work, the gym, cleaning, cooking – and if you’re still lucky enough to live at home, being your personal chauffeur. Then she probably needs a little extra rest and relaxation to get in her beauty sleep. This Works does a great sleep range full of sleep inducing pillow sprays and relaxing candles, or if you’re on a budget, pick up the Essential Sleep Kit from Neom Organics for a purse friendly £20 – bargain!

Healthy Hamper – Are you likely to find your Mum browsing the isles of Wholefoods on a Saturday afternoon post yoga session or dog walk – then why not gift her with some of her favourite healthy treats? Pop into Wholefoods, buy her treats and put together a homemade hamper, or if you’re short on time, you can pick up some great hampers online from Planet Organic to suit any budget. From their Raw Snack Attack Hamper (£40) to their Smoothie Power Hamper (£425).

Juice cleanse – If your Mum’s a green goddess (and no, I’m not talking about the gardening kind!) then why not treat her to a detoxing juice cleanse this Mother’s Day. You’re not only giving the gift of delicious juices but hopefully improved energy, better skin and maybe she’ll even lose a few pounds (that’s if she needs to!). Juices are easy to come across these days – just check out Plenish Cleanse, Crude Juice or simply google juice cleanse and the city you live in.    

Fitness class – Do you prefer to spend quality time with your Mum on Mother’s Day rather than give her a generic gift? Maybe you live far away and are just visiting for the weekend or you live with your Mum but spend most of your time locked away in your room or out with friends… then book in for a private fitness class doing something a bit different to the normal gym, swim and yoga. You could try Aerial Silks, pole dancing or reformer pilates; or maybe theres something your Mum has always wanted to try but never have the guts to – you could give her that extra bit of confidence she needs to try it out.

I’d love to hear what you’re treating your Mum to this Mother’s Day, or if you go with any of the ideas off this list make sure you tag me into any images this Sunday on Instagram or Twitter.

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