Trespass Review: These boots are made for walking



For those of you who follow me on Instagram you’ll know that I’m a fan of long Sunday walks with my husband, friends and of course my gorgeous King Charles Cavalier… say Hi Hudson.



Several years ago I would have said that walking was strictly for the over 50’s, whilst the youth were left at home, laid out on the couch watching full box sets and gaming.  Fast forward to 2015 and it seems that outdoor activity is on the rise even amongst the super trendy members of hashtag ‘fitfam’.  Walking has become the new ‘active rest’ and is in my opinion the perfect way to practice mindfulness. 



But whatever the reason for it’s resurgence, you can be rest assured, there are some strong brands out there that walkers young and old have been able to rely upon over the years.   

So when one of these brands approached me to road test their Serena Walking Boots I jumped at the chance.

Trespass is a UK based brand making clothing and equipment for those who love adventure in the great outdoors.  Based in Scotland I’m sure they are well educated in dressing for extreme weathers – remember there is no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothing!




So off I went with my photographer (thanks Olly) and photogenic dog to brave the weather in my boots – or at least that’s what I thought.  After a rainy week we were ready for a day of slugging around wet fields, however we woke to a parting of the clouds and a gloriously sunny late Summers day. Winner.   




With the ground still damp we pulled up to our picturesque location at Macclesfield forrest fully equipped with my Trespass boots, my  Skin Saviour juice and some tasty banana bread. 




Slipping on the boots the first thing I noticed was that they were well cushioned which is obviously a must have on difficult terrain.  They were also a pretty good fit – although I would say if you are between sizes go for the smaller.

The Serena boots are designed with Tres-tex technology, which has been specifically created to repel water, keeping your feet and socks nice and dry and this was definitely the case when we encountered a particularly wet and muddy field halfway through our walk – I escaped from a bog with dry feet – success!

The boots also had a strong grip and my feet felt nice and secure even when walking on the often hilly terrain (It’s the second highest peak in the county according to the link above – The Matterhorn of Cheshire!) and the boots themselves feel well built and very durable.  I expect to cover many miles in them and look forward to really putting them through their paces as winter closes in.

Overall, I’d say these boots are a great addition to a walkers wardrobe.  They are also quite attractive for a walking boot, sure, you’re never going to find the Louboutin of walking boots (hint: they don’t exist!) but as far as walking boots go these ones are pretty nice on the eye.  Get yourself over to the Trespass website to have a look at the full range of outdoor gear and hurry – they currently have a sale on!

Now what are you waiting for – choose your weapon and get outdoors, but beware Winter is coming….






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