What I ate Wednesday 1

Happy hump day guys!

Hope everyone is having a fab week so far.

I’m trying to cut down on sugar in my diet and not for the reason you might think but because my teeth seem to crumble at the sight of sugar lately… which is no bueno!  I went to the dentist earlier this week and it was not fun!  Maybe taking care of my dental hygiene just isn’t enough anymore… the sweets must go (not the dark chocolate though… something has to stay)

Anyhow, todays meals went a little something like this…



Peanut butter & banana protein smoothie


image Turkey meatballs from Sundays meal prep with rice & green beans

At around 4pm I also had two plain rice cakes (I didn’t think you needed to see them!) 



Prepped chilli, greek yoghurt, jalapenos & pitta


I then sat down and watched Life of Pi with a couple of pieces of my favourite dark chocolate!

What did you guys eat today?



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