What I learned on my whole 30?

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My body loves fat – Good fats that is… Coconut butters, nut butters, avocados, nuts, olives; you name it and I ate it.  Good fats are an essential part to keeping a happy and healthy body, they are a great source of energy and will help you feel satisfied after a meal, and despite what most people think healthy fat will NOT make you fat.  

I can function just as well without grains – this was the part I was afraid of.  ‘If I didn’t have any ‘carbs’ in my diet, how would I keep my energy levels up?’, how wrong I was.  I have increased energy throughout the day and no longer get that 3pm slump at my desk, sending me straight to the vending machine for a sugary hit.  I now know that I need to decrease my starchy carbs and increase my healthy fats in order to keep my blood sugar stable, and besides, I’ve never PB’d so much in my life!

When I eat better I perform better – Like I mentioned above, eating such a wholesome diet full of REAL FOODS has helped me at Crossfit.  I have never felt so stronger and so fit in all my life and it’s great.  I finally got a new PB in my cleans which I have been after for well over a month – Hell yeah!!

Healthy food can taste AMAZING – with a little imagination and a lot of research you can turn the blandest sounding of meals into a culinary masterpiece.  Just remember my next tip…

Have a full spice rack – ALWAYS 

Sugar is in everything – as is soy and sulphites, it’s just crazy – so watch out!

I want to learn more – I’ve been toying with the idea of taking a nutrition course for a while now and after doing my own whole 30 I’m certain that I want to build the skills I need in order to help others to look after their bodies

No is in my vocabulary after all – I’ve always struggled with willpower and would often eat something purely because it was offered to me.  Now I know that I don’t have to drink when I am out with my friends or have the same treats as them when they come over for dinner.  I am my own person and if I want to take my own healthy option then I will without feeling left out or dissatisfied!

The number on the scale will not define me – There are more important things in life then my weight; feeling good in my own skin, having great hair, improved sleep and a spotless completion is just as rewarding as losing x amount of pounds.  Trust how you are feeling inside – as well as out!

Homemade Almond Milk is a manna from heaven – Think making your own milk is messy and complicated, think again.  I’m in the middle of writing a post on how you can make your own and I can tell you now you will NEVER go back to shop bought again!

Food is still my number one thought – it’s just now I think about all the wholesome food I can be nourishing my body with and how I can make my favourite comfort foods into every day meals. 

Homemade guacamole is the bomb – and is so much better than shop bought crap, just go check out my easy to make guacamole recipe here.

You can never have enough eggs in the pantry – or sweet potato for that matter.  Some things will become a staple of your diet but I’m not complaining and neither should you.

Fail to prepare, prepare to fail – Putting aside a good few hours a week to prepare your meals is a must.  Food prep has become a time of relaxation for me, I love to cook and I love knowing that I will have extra time in the week to spend with my friends and family even more.  I am often asked how I find the time but to quote another popular meme – I don’t find time, I make time.  Get up that extra hour earlier, don’t watch that TV show you don’t particularly care for because you have ‘nothing else to do.  Where there is a will.  There is a way!

You don’t have to give up on your social life – bring your friends in on your new lifestyle or at least tell them what you are doing and why.  If they are good friends they will support you and maybe even be interested in your new way of life.  As you can see here my friends over at foodchoiceMCR went out of their way to create a whole 30 approved meal for me when I went over for dinner and in return they discovered a love for frozen grapes!

I can survive on 3 square meals a day – with the additional pre/post workout mini meal.  I’ve followed a fair few diet plans over the years, telling me how much and when I should eat, even to the point where I was eating 7 meals a day but the whole 30 focuses on 3 meals a day.  If you find you are hungry between meals then by all means have a snack, but maybe try increasing the amount of food on your plate, it may be that you are not eating enough.

There are other nut butters out there – One word, Cashew!  If you haven’t tried it already, then shame on you.  Besides that there is; almond butter, hazelnut butter and even sun butter… peanut butter is not the superior being.

I’m actually a pretty good cook – eliminating whole food groups from your diet forces you to get more creative and to try things you might not have tried before.

I don’t think I’ll ever be happy with my body – I’m not sure many people are but I recognise my achievements and want to continue to make better choices in order to look after it. 

We only have the one body to live in so make sure you look after it.

and finally…

I have the best friends and family – I don’t think I would have made it through the 30 days without the support of my husband, family and friends.  They have all accommodated my requests over the last month and haven’t tried to sway me to eat any junk with them (even though they brought a whole box of Krispy Kremes to my house once – I’ll forgive you).  

Thanks as well, to you – my readers – although you may be few in numbers, knowing you’re reading & watching my every move helps me to stay focused in my journey. 

I’m thankful for every comment, email and IG like – please don’t stop!

Alison x


    • April 8, 2014 / 4:14 pm

      Thanks lovely. Hoping I won’t slip into my old ways. Such a learning curve!

  1. stephanie lennox
    April 9, 2014 / 4:53 pm

    loved the newest blog lady, you kept me interested. you did amazing xxx

  2. Chelsea
    April 9, 2014 / 6:00 pm

    I was just about to go home from work but you’ve inspired me to go to the gym first!!

  3. April 9, 2014 / 6:34 pm

    Awesome well done! So good to see you killing it, v inspiring!

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