Whole 30 – Week 2 Recap

Week two has been and gone and I’m still keeping track of my meals (sorry for the lack of pics at the start of my week).  As you will see I’ve been majorly battling my sugar cravings this past week but I think I am starting to come out the other side now.  I’ve also discovered a love for Cashew Butter and urge you to try it, it’s delicious especially when slathered on a banana alongside your breakfast eggs!

Day 8 – Tuesday

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Post Workout: Banana and cashew butter

Breakfast: Chorizo and veg frittata

Lunch: Chicken Salad

Dinner:  Chilli with Avocado and frozen grapes & a date & cashew butter for dessert

Tuesdays final Thoughts!

Now I know I shouldn’t be eating dates as it is satisfying my sugar cravings but it was either that or I tucked into the leftover chocolate and peanut butter in my cupboards.  I also had a Naked bar (cashew and dates) as I was rushing to a meditation class after work and was desperately hungry.  I think doing both Crossfit in the A.M and a run at lunch had me using up extra calories that I hadn’t accounted for.  So I’m going to try and eat larger meals tomorrow to get back on track and stop the snacking. 

Day 9 – Wednesday (Oops, no pics today)

Breakfast: Chorizo and veg frittata, banana & cashew butter

Lunch: Chicken Salad & naked bar

Dinner:  Turkey meatballs in tomato sauce with courgette (zucchini) spaghetti.

Wednesday final Thoughts!

I am majorly craving Oatmeal & Peanut butter today.  That is all!

Day 10 – Thursday

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Breakfast: Chia ‘Pudding’ with raspberries and nuts

Lunch: Leftover Turkey meatballs & salad, clementine, Naked Bar

Dinner:  Bacon, Mexican eggs & avocado

Thursday final Thoughts! I know that creating foods like chia puddings are not recommended but like I said before, if it stops me from eating crap or deviating from the plan then I will allow myself a ‘treat’.  During week 1 I found it easy to stick to the 3 meals a day, however, since my return to Crossfit this week I have found myself wanting to snack more and more or add extra food to my meals.  I know I am not eating enough veg to bulk my meals out but I am going to try and correct this from now on.  I am also not eating the correct pre/post workout meals but I really struggle when it comes to finding the time between Crossfit & work (where I have my breakfast).  Any comments with ideas to help me on this one will be much appreciated!!!  I also need to get over the embarrassment of eating non-traditional breakfast foods at breakfast times, be that at my desk or on public transport as I know this would help me to get those extra ‘mini’ meals in!

Day 11 – Friday

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Post Workout: Sweet Potato and almond butter

Breakfast: Smoked Salmon & egg

Lunch: Tuna Salad, Clementine, Naked Bar

Dinner:  Chilli on sweet potato chips with guacamole, dates and nut butter

Friday final Thoughts!

This evening I had friends around for tea.  This was the first time I’ve cooked for anyone during my whole30 (other than myself and my husband).  You’ll find more info on my Guacamole post from Saturday but just to say – it went down really well!  They had a few additional items like sour cream which I wasn’t ‘jealous about at all…’ Honest!!!

Day 12 – Saturday

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Breakfast: Prosciutto, eggs, guacamole & tomato

Lunch: Fruit, Naked Bar

Dinner:  Sirloin steak, Mediterranean veg, sweet potato chips

‘Dessert’ – Dates and Cashew Butter

Saturday final Thoughts!

I went out for drinks with friends this lunch (don’t worry, by drinks a mean sparkling water and lime) so had to have lunch on the go which wasn’t ideal but tasted good. Again I know ‘dessert’ is a no go but with friends around this weekend and treats out on the table I needed something to take the edge off! 

Day 13 – Sunday

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Pre/W Breakfast: Leftover sirloin & egg

Lunch: Chorizo Omelette with courgette and clementine’s

Dinner:  Pork chop, Mediterranean veg, sweet potato mash

Sunday final Thoughts!

Pulled my back out today so have mainly been meal prepping and watching Girls trying hard not to snack on rubbish all day as there are so many biscuits, crisps and chocolate left in the house from my husband and friends this weekend.  I have had a really successful meal prep and am looking forward to the second half of my whole 30.  I’m going to really reign in the snacking and try to stick to my 3 meals a day where possible.  Hopefully my back will be better tomorrow as there is nothing worse than being at home bored all day for snacking.

Day 14 – Monday

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Breakfast: Pork Pattie, courgette, spinach in coconut milk & tomato with fried egg

Lunch: Chilli and avocado

Snack: Banana, nut butter and dates

Dinner:  Egg baked in chilli with Avocado

Monday final Thoughts!

So my 3 meal a day plan failed as I am lay on the floor nursing my bad back!  Boo!  Found it hard to control my cravings today but I didn’t give in.  Again I’m hoping to be back tomorrow and eating a really good diet to finish up my whole 30 strong.  Overall though I haven’t been too bad apart from the extra couple of snacks and too many dates, having said that…


This week I have learnt a lot about my eating habits and have found if I give myself an inch, I’ll take a mile – one word – Dates!  I just could not stop eating them after my evening meal… I think I will just have to go cold turkey next week.  Dates are definitely my healthyfied ‘food without breaks’!

 I’ve also been obsessively looking forward to my Whole 30 end date and have already been planning what I will eat to celebrate… I know this isn’t what I’m supposed to do and I hope this is just a stage most people go through when they attempt the challenge.  So my question to you is…

What stages did you go through on your Whole 30?  

For me Week 1 was the ‘oh this is easy’ stage and Week 2 turned into the ‘Cravings’ stage.  I’m hoping the best is yet to come.

Alison x

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