Whole 30 – Week One Recap

As I mentioned earlier in the week I will be using my blog over the next 30 days to post pictures of all my food during the Whole 30 challenge.

I’ll be following a gluten-free, dairy-free, grain-free, sugar-free, soy-free, alcohol-free diet.  (Pretty extreme looking so for 30 days I’ll not only be exercising my body at Crossfit every morning but I’ll be exercising a little thing called willpower every second!)

I’ll also keep a diary account of how I’m feeling at the end of every day.

Let’s go!

Day 1- Tuesday

Annoyingly today is Pancake Day… durr (Didn’t think that one through) but I made a commitment and I’m going to try to stick to it.

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Breakfast: Sweet Potato hash with 2 eggs fried in coconut oil.  Coffee with coconut milk.

Lunch: Salmon salad with olives, boiled egg, radish & avocado with fig dressing.

Dinner:  Chicken, Sweet Potato, peppers & egg

Tuesdays final Thoughts!

I’m pretty unprepared for the start of my week as not had time to prep (maybe not the best) so dinner was a bit boring.  I didn’t struggle so much with not snacking between my meals, however, it was hard not to have my pre-bedtime treat!

Day 2 – Wednesday

photo 4





Breakfast: Eggs & Cashew, banana, coconut 

Lunch: Salmon salad with olives, boiled egg, radish & avocado with fig dressing.

Dinner: Sausage, sweet potato mash, sprouts, cashew butter

Wednesday Final Thoughts!

Halfway through the day I started suffering from headaches and dizziness but I wasn’t feeling hungry.  I’ve been surviving well without snacks so far and no cravings yet… I feel like this is because I’m in a really good mindset and feel committed to the cause.

Day 3 – Thursday

photo 4photo 5

photo 1





Breakfast: Eggs & Cashew, Banana, coconut

Lunch: prawn salad with olives, boiled egg, radish & walnuts with homemade lemon and olive oil dressing.

Dinner: Pork burgers (recipe), sweet potato hash, salad leaves and egg

Thursday Final Thoughts!

Slightly bloated in the afternoon and felt a bit peckish so had some Almonds at 4pm as they were the only things on hand.  I think the bloating is probably due to an increase of vegetables in my diet but hopefully this is something my body will get used to.  No headaches today which is great and I’m still finding my meals super filling.  I’ve not worked out yet this week due to a cold so looking forward to seeing how that affects my hunger!

Off in search of compliant bacon & salmon tonight – wish me luck!!!

Day 4 – Friday

photo 2





Breakfast: Eggs & chorizo

Lunch: Leftover Pork burger, salad & sweet potato

Dinner: Beef fajita, homemade guacamole, thin 1 egg omelette

Friday Final Thoughts!

I found compliant salmon, bacon & chorizo last night – whoop.  On a negative note the headaches are back… let’s hope these pass soon.

Looking forward to the weekend and creating some nice food in the kitchen….can’t wait to tuck into some decent bacon!!

Day 5 – Saturday

Lunch: Eggs

Dinner: Leftover pork burger, bacon, guacamole, fried tomato & mushroom

Snack: Pistachios & Naked Bar

Saturday Final Thoughts!

I survived my first social night!!!!  Went to my friends for a chilled evening and didn’t have a single drink.  I was surrounded by beers and crisps and I managed to resist.  So proud of myself.  I snacked on some pistachios and a naked bar and drank sparkling water, fresh mint & lime.  I am starting to go through the craving stage but funnily I’m not craving what I would have before classed as cheat foods but instead am craving things like Oatmeal, jacket potato & beans etc.  However, having increased energy throughout the day without a 3pm slump and having my skin feeling nice and clear I am not wanting to give into these cravings at all.  I consider that a success!

Day 6 – Sunday

photo 3





Breakfast: Smoked Salmon, eggs & mushroom

Lunch: Mexican eggs, guacamole & bacon

Dinner: Chicken & olives

Sunday Final Thoughts! I also had a snack today as it was the weekend and my meals tend to be quite irregular (hence my dinner of chicken and olives which was more of a snack really.  I snacked on Cherries & 2 medjool dates which I know isn’t encouraged on the whole 30 as it is promoting unhealthy snacking with excessive sugar consumption.  I did survive going to the pub with my husband though which was great, while he drank a couple of beers – I had sparkling water and fresh lime.

Day 7 – Monday

photo 4





Breakfast: Small piece of chorizo & veg frittata with banana and cashew butter

Lunch: Chilli & homemade guacamole

Dinner: Chicken Salad

Monday Final Thoughts!

Feeling quite good today. Still recovering from Crossfit yesterday but looking forward to using up all the new energy I have this week.

So that was my first weeks recap (a tad late).  This week I’ve learnt that I don’t need to complete my meal with grains and starchy carbs in order to give me enough energy and that my body just loves fat!  Looking forward to what next week brings – even though I can feel some big time cravings coming on already!

Let me know what you think of my whole 30 below?

Alison x x

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