Whole30 – Week 3 Recap

Whooooo.  I’m on the home straight now.  Looking forward to reintroducing some much loved food groups in a weeks time, however, I’m apprehensive in case they’re not as great as I remember.  It’s been a crazy roller-coaster of a journey so far, keeping the snack monster at bay, getting enough vegetables in, fighting my self doubt and negativity but I am truly enjoying the experience and realising I am able to say ‘NO!’.

Without further hesitation, here’s how I got on in the last 8 days…

Day 15 – Tuesday 
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Breakfast: Paleo Porridge with banana

Lunch: Chicken, veg, sweet potato mash, almond butter with a side of pear

Dinner:  Chicken & chorizo omelette with spinach

Tuesdays final Thoughts! Yay – I managed it.  No dates and no snacking today.  I’m back in business and feeling good.  My back is still not great so no Crossfit again today and probably tomorrow.  Looking forward to a strong week diet wise!

Day 16 – Wednesday

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Breakfast: Egg & pork sausage with banana & cashew

Lunch: Chicken, veg, sweet potato mash, almond butter with a side of pear

Dinner:  Sirloin, Mediterranean veg & fried egg with berries & nuts

Wednesday final Thoughts! Still struggling not to want to snack after dinner but I am sticking within the rules and having some fruit as part of my meal and not leaving a gap before I eat it.  Getting more veg in as well today.  I’m getting really bored of eggs for breakfast still and not sure I will ever get used to eating non-traditional breakfast foods every morning.  I’m trying though.  I am finding I have increased energy throughout the day and am not needing a 4pm snack to see me through which is great!

Day 17 – Thursday

 photo 4     photo 2

Pre-workout: Boiled egg (had to throw the yolk away as I couldn’t stomach it at 6am!) and a few cashews

Breakfast: Egg & pork sausage with banana & cashew

Lunch: Tuna Salad with fruit salad

Dinner:  Coconut & lime crusted salmon and veg

Thursday final Thoughts! Feeling really good today!  My sleeping is really improving as I used to find it hard to fall asleep and stay asleep, whereas now, I am falling into a deep sleep almost straight away and sleeping right though.  My skin had got so much better but I have had a few spots in the last two days… I hope this is just my body detoxing!

Day 18 – Friday

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Pre-workout:  Egg & Broccoli (Broccoli is so difficult to eat at 6am – yuck!)

Breakfast: Green smoothie & nuts

Lunch: Tuna Salad

Dinner:  Sirloin steak, salad, sweet potato followed by strawberries and cashew

Friday final Thoughts! Got up late for Crossfit and no prepped breakfast to take to work so I unfortunately had to make a quick juice which isn’t ideal but I tried to add more veg and only a small amount of fruit and it tasted great!  Went to my parents for tea and had a lovely meal, had to grab something on the way home to cook as they had nothing prepared for me (They didn’t want to ruin my whole30) it was delicious though, I don’t know what my Mum did to the sweet potato but it was divine.  They also commented on how well I looked and that my hair looked thick and shiny, which it does – all thanks to eating a nutritious diet!

Day 19 – Saturday

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Breakfast: Omelette, fruit and cashew butter

Lunch: Coconut Chorizo & veg

Dinner:  Beef chilli stew on sweet potato mash

Saturday final Thoughts! After getting a workout in in my parents’ garden and having a lovely breakfast I went home to find I had nothing prepared for lunch so just threw some ingredients together and hoped for the best.  It turned out pretty decent enough and I managed to get in lots of nutritious vegetables. I then went to my friends for tea (Go check out his blog) and he went all out to make sure I could eat the meal he made.  He is a great cook and it tasted heavenly, so heavenly in fact I will be recreating it for Mother’s Day next Sunday.  I did snack on nuts and a Naked Bar after dinner which I know I’m not supposed to do but I am doing this whole 30 to find out more about my body and how to properly fuel it and I think I would go insane without a little Saturday ‘treat’.

Day 20 – Sunday 

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Breakfast: Chorizo & veg Omelette with a side of frozen grapes with almond butter

Dinner:  Sweet potato ‘fries’ with guacamole

Snack: More Frozen grapes and a cashew bar

Sunday final Thoughts! I went out with friends after Crossfit and couldn’t have anything on the menu so had to skip lunch.  By the time I got home I had totally forgotten about eating so quickly made some sweet potato with some guacamole I purchased from the Mexican stall at my local market.  I did snack on some extra things in the evening to make up for my lack of food in the day!  On the upside handstand push ups at Crossfit this morning and I am definitely getting stronger.  I have tonnes more energy for my morning workouts as well which is all due to fuelling my body correctly (I do miss a good protein shake post workout though).

Day 21 – Monday 
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Breakfast:  Crispy bacon, egg & guacamole

Lunch: Salmon, sweet potato, veg with fruit and almond butter

Dinner:  Turkey mince and veg chilli

Monday final Thoughts! Still sleeping really well and my hairs still feeling lovely and thick.  My skin isn’t as good as it has been but that could just be my hormones.  I am oddly having vivid dreams about food this week.  Last night I could have sworn I cheated with chocolate – don’t worry though – I checked the cupboards and definitely just a dream 🙂

Day 22 – Tuesday

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Breakfast:  Crispy bacon, egg, banana & cashew

Lunch: Pulled pork, sweet potato mash, green beans and mixed berries

Dinner:  Turkey mince & veg chilli topped with an egg

Tuesday final Thoughts! I’m feeling a bit fluffy today and bloated which is strange because I haven’t felt like this since before I started.  I’m hoping it’s just my hormones again and it will calm down.  I did have an unusual amount of caffeine as I finally got round to making Almond milk (post to come) so going to try having less tomorrow and see if it settles.  


Overall, I am still wresting with the snack monster if you compare last weeks recap to this weeks you can see I’m making good progress every single day and am hoping everything will fall into place in the next week.  I’m off to a friends again for a catch up and dinner tonight so I’m hoping there aren’t too many distractions on the table – crossing fingers for no crisp and dip!

I can’t wait to write again next week and tell you guys how my final week went and then once the reintroductions are over I can start making some goodies again for you to make – I’ve already got several ideas written down… eep exciting!

Alison x  




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