Whole30 – Week 4 Recap

So I’m just going to dive straight in this week as I’m already two days late with my week 4 recap… so here’s what I ate this week (and a bit)

Day 23 – Wednesday

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Breakfast: Egg, chorizo, bacon, green beans & raspberries

Lunch: Pulled Pork, green beans & sweet potato mash with Almond Butter

Dinner:  Chicken & bacon salad

Wednesday final Thoughts!

Went to a friends for tea tonight which was lovely, I’m so happy and grateful that they cater to my ‘strange’ eating requests.  I’m still feeling bloated today which isn’t good but I’m feeling optimistic about the rest of the week.

Day 24 – Thursday

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Pre Workout: Boiled Egg

Post-workout: Avocado & egg mash

Breakfast: Pulled Pork with fruit & cashew butter

Lunch: Tuna Salad & grapes

Dinner:  Sirloin steak, veg & sweet potato

Thursday final Thoughts!

Feeling much better today on the bloated front. Not sure what that was as I have prepared most of my meals myself so it can’t be a rogue ingredient.  I have made a conscious effort today, to stay on top of my meals with no snacking.  I even got in nutritious pre/post workout meals, sticking to wholefoods rather than fruit and snacks.  However, I am craving chocolate as I type this – so unfair!  I was hoping the cravings would have disappeared by now.

Day 25 – Friday

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Breakfast: Sweet potato, avocado, egg, banana & raspberries

Lunch: Tuna Salad

Pre-workout: Boiled egg & banana

Dinner:  Pork Chops, apple sauce & veg

Friday final Thoughts!

Feel like I am finally getting the hang of eating to the whole30 protocol.  Getting really balanced meals in, including my pre/post workout mini meals (and no snacking!!!).  Still majorly craving chocolate and can’t wait to satisfy this craving next week… I’m not sure I will ever get over chocolate – or if I even want to; but I am learning a lot and am desperate not to go back to my old ways.  I’m also going to try not to have any nut butter for the next two days as I was getting reliant on it with my meals.  Happy Friday everyone!

Day 26- Saturday

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Pre Workout: Avocado, egg, sweet potato & raspberries

Post-workout/Breakfast: Beetroot,carrot,celery &orange juice

Lunch: Chicken Salad

Dinner:  Chicken curry with Sticky Coconut Cauliflower rice & a nakd bar

Saturday final Thoughts!

Had a strange dream last night that I couldn’t decide what to have to eat at a restaurant.  Everyone else had ordered and I took another 30 mins and couldn’t decide between a few items, in the end I chose Goulash and everyone at the restaurant was excited to see what I settled on.  When we said Goulash they all pulled faces and looked disappointed!  Odd dream but again was so vivid and felt like I ate the meal afterwards (Goulash – where the hell did that come from?)

In real life I invited friends around for tea and made an amazing curry adapted from a recipe I found online.  Got some really good compliments from my friends which was really nice,  satisfied guests are the best!!  They then went on to demolish a box of Krispy Kremes while I ate a Nakd Bar to not feel left out.  Had a sniff of the doughnuts and they smelt so good but I’ve come way too far to give up on day 26!!

Day 27 – Sunday

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Breakfast: Egg & avocado mash with berries

Lunch: Leek soup with Grapes

Dinner:  Beef chilli stew, sweet potato mash followed by apple, lemon juice & raisins

Sunday final Thoughts!

Feeling good today! Went around to my parents to cook for my Mum for Mothers day.  I made a delicious beef chilli stew adapted from a recipe I found on the London Paleo Kitchen blog, it was divine.  You should definitely go check their recipes out.

My cravings are getting serious now but I know it’s because I’m aware I only have a few days left.  EEEEP.  Going to try and finish the next 3 days in style!

Day 28 – Monday

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Breakfast: Egg, avocado, mushroom, sweet potato chunks

Lunch: Tuna Salad

Dinner:  Salmon & sweet potato cakes with salad & frozen grapes

Monday final Thoughts!

Things are going well with only 2 days left and going to really try to stick to nutritious, well balanced meals in order to finish the 30 days strong.  Looking forward to having some dairy on Thursday but I’m almost certain that the blotches and eczema I had before were the result of eating dairy, we will see!  I can’t imagine giving up cheese forever though, it’s just too good!  Might go back into another whole 14 after my reintroductions, I’m not sure I can trust myself not to slip into my old ways!

Day 29 – Tuesday

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Post-workout: Sweet potato, fried egg

Breakfast: Avocado, egg & banana

Lunch: Tuna Salad & melon

Dinner:  Sweet potato, mushroom, peppers, prawns, fried egg

Tuesday final Thoughts!

Feeling good today and ready to finish the whole 30 strong. I’m contemplating doing a reintroduction of dairy and gluten over the weekend and then going back to how I have been eating these past 30days either with or without these items. I’m definitely not bothered about eating legumes again (I tell a lie, maybe some peanut butter here and there) or eating non gluten containing grains.  I love how my body is feeling without these ingredients and with plenty of fats, so why bother adding them back in my diet –especially when I don’t miss them.

Day 30 – Wednesday

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Breakfast: Sweet potato, mushroom, prawns, fried egg

Snack: Banana, Nakd Bar

Lunch: Prawn Salad, melon

Dinner:  Turkey Curry & cauliflower rice

Wednesday final Thoughts!

Wahoo!  I DID IT.  A few snacks here and there but I have changed my eating habits for the better.  I definitely love the way I’m feeling on this new diet plan so like I said yesterday I don’t see the point of changing. Obviously I will be more relaxed as I don’t think staying on the whole 30 for life isn’t realistic, nor do I particularly want to spend the rest of my life turning down the foods I enjoy, however,  I see no reason why I can’t follow a basic whole30/paleo framework, especially when I am seeing such good results.

Thanks for coming along with me on my whole 30 adventure; I’m looking forward to starting the next chapter. First on my list is to make some goodies to enjoy and share with you on my blog again.  I already have a long list of things I want to try.  I’ll also be back with an update next week on the things I have learnt during my whole 30, along with a progress pic if I can pluck up the courage to share it.

If you want to know any more about my whole 30 or how you can go about starting your own whole 30 experience, then please comment below or feel free to email on mybigfitdiary@gmail.com

Alison x




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