Writers block and tips to deal with it

I started this blog, not only as a way to document my own fitness journey, but as a way to inspire others to start their journey too. I wanted to create a space full of tips and tricks on how to survive the fitness industry; not from a fitness professional, model or online superstar, but from your average twenty-something (now 30 and counting) who’s trying to plough her own ‘fitness’ furrow, and survive it too.

But with my own fitness (& blogging) motivation waning due to a hectic work and social life, I’ve found myself struggling to put pen to paper – or should I say fingers to keyboard. I’ve written as little as two blog posts in as many months recently and, although I’m desperate to get back in the blogging game, I’m simply stuck for ideas.

So after weeks of contemplation, procrastination and sheer laziness, I’m finally getting my laptop open – not just to while away the hours on Your Tube – but to do some blogging.

If, like me, you’ve been struggling to blog lately too then I’ve listed some of the ways that I deal with writers block. And don’t worry if you’re reading this and you’re not a blogger, because the essence of each of my tips can be translated into most areas where you’ve been lacking motivation… so lets get started.

Take a break

It can be hard to take a break from something you love, and you’ll often feel lazy spending your evenings in front of the TV, or getting lost in a good book for hours on end. But taking a break is nothing to feel guilty about.

Just remember, for many of us blogging is a hobby or something we do for fun. The more we force ourselves to write for writings the sake, the more at risk we are at starting to resent our little spaces on the internet. So take a time out for as long as you need and give your body a rest and reset your mind. 

Be Inspired

Taking time out from blogging provides you with the perfect opportunity to get inspired. So why not get stuck into your favourite blogs, magazines and books; or try something new in the field that you write about. 

I personally took the time to do some fictional reading, discover new blogs with different interests, try a few recipes and head outdoors. And not just for blogging inspiration but for fun too, because if you’re not enjoying it – then what’s the point!

Try something different

As you know, I normally write about all things health and fitness – how I like to train, eat and recover.  And knowing not everyone visiting my blog will be a blogger, why would I write about blogging?

Well, blogging is all about writing about what you’re interested in, or inspired about, at any given time. It may not always be relevant to each individual reader but a blog is allowed to grow as it’s writer grows – and maybe even pick up some new readers along the way (hi there). And it’s important to…

Just do it

When you’re struggling to get motivated in any area of life, it’s important that you just get off your ass and do it! If it’s something you truly love doing then you’ll soon find the inspiration you need to keep going. Or if you’re out of practise you may just need to get back into a routine. 

So grab your laptop for as little as 15minutes a day and write whatever is on your mind. Whether it’s a full blog post like this, a short fictional story, a day in the life or how you’ve been feeling lately. So start now and get those creative juices flowing.

Have you ever suffered from writers block? How do you deal with it? Let me know in the comments below.

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